1. Hi Liz, Have you heard of the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor with Magical Butter machine? I've heard it is really good and it comes with recipes you should check it out. Thanks for the great video's always look forward to seeing what you do next!

  2. Hi Liz. Thanks for the review and feedback. The plastic cup DOES NOT go into the INFUSER! Use the cup for straining your infusion with the metal strainer fitting directly on top! We have hundreds of recipes on our website-too many to fit into the basic HOW TO USE YOUR INFUSER MANUAL but please visit the http://www.theherbalinfuser.com for our recipes. Btw, the Herbal Infuser beat the Butter brewer in a contest in Massachusetts last year on potency and taste!

  3. Hi! Liz! I Love ur Videos. One thing I do want to note it’s that it’s a good idea to add lecithin (soy or sunflower) to your blend to help emulsify and bind everything to together, so that the ingredients do not separate if you plan on storing the butter for any period of time.

    You should typically add a tablespoon per cup or whatever butter or oil you are making.

    It could have been why your outcome was a bit watery.

    I also have the magical butter maker and it has all of the instructions, recipes and YouTube videos that mighty herbal lacked. It did a great job making my butter

  4. The standard oven is not good for decarbing.
    At 240f for 40min (What most people recommend) you lose 33% of the max total THCA to THC conversion.
    Meaning if you use a 60% THCA concentrate and decarb in an oven you'll come out with 40% THC and 0% THCA.

    My favorite/most efficient method for decarbing is a crock pot or pressure cooker.
    90 minutes in a crock pot on keep warm results in 21% inactive conversion.
    30-40 minutes at 240f in a pressure cooker results in a similar conversion.
    Meaning if you use a 60% THCA concentrate and decarb it in a crock pot you'll come out with 47.3% THC and 12.7% THCA.
    A lot better to have inactive THCA than actual THCA/THC loss.

    Another option better than the standard oven is the toaster oven.
    At 220f for 40 min results in 16% loss of THC.
    Meaning if you use a 60% THCA concentrate and decarb in a toaster oven you'll come out with 50.4% THC and 0% THCA.

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