1. Dude you can't base adding alphanumeric tens and ones spots on something not coincidental. Find me as many words as there are about laws and try the same things. However many people liked this is how many stupid ignorant people there are out of every 409. Here's an equation for you: 402+7 = 409. 402Γ· 409 = 98.288% stupid. The same type that in Hitler's time would have joined him and the same type and percentage that would have gone for terrorism all grown up in the same areas. In my opinion, we EXICUTE all the wrong people. This is what you and all the others should be advertising if you weren't like monkeys and black people.

  2. Hey Zach . You're one intelligent guy and I love how you point out facts using numbers as I am a mathematician myself . Also , you take into account every possible history fact and connect the dots which is really impressive . Keep going Man!

  3. Big fan. I was wondering if you had time to check out the story about the to Orlando 14 year olds plotting to kill 9 people. They had a folder with plans to do it on 11/9. Isn't that the date you were mentioning that had some significance?

  4. So marijuana is all just a plan to make people docile lol thats what i get from this. Everything is scripted down to even our births and death and circumstances in life. I have number syncornicitys that make me sound schitzophrenic…. But ik its real . Follow Jesus Christ and he will guide you out of the matrix. Love you guys keep searching for truth.

  5. So knowing that numbers and codes are the way the elite communicate, and that those codes can be broken by us peons….do you not think some of these are headlines are disinformation?

  6. Fun Fact: The night before Easter, turned on the t.v. just to listen to some music……Madonna has been playing for the last 30 minutes. Isn't that just precious? Nope!

  7. Of course it fits in there Gematria language. God didn't create 420 and associate it with marijuana. I love your videos. It's an amazing plant can be used to make everything cure diseases CBD THC amazing stuff however if you don't want to get stoned then don't heat it up.

  8. April 20, 2018: DJ Avicii, found dead at the age of 28, Democratic Party files suit alleging conspiracy by Trump campaign, Russia, Wikileaks to sway 2016 election, 1 injured in shooting in Ocala, Florida, says authorities.

  9. Government weed is what it is… Its modified and weaponized for u black ppl. Do ur own thing … dont buy that shit. Im telling u, I come from a place where weed, marijuana, kush, cannabis …skunk etc Is natural at best. Dont fall for their bull shit!

  10. Call it hemp and it's an industrial product, call cannabis and it's a medicine, call it marijuana ( Mexican word ) and you go to jail. Also, if hemp wasn't criminalised by big oil Rockefeller coercion early last century there would be NIL pollution on this planet. Every pollution causing product can be replaced with naturally biodegradable hemp.

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