1. Blue dreams grows like that, anybody can grow that strain. It's in her DNA to naturally grow n strive that way, good strain for any rookies. Try Dynamite strain, it's the big sister of lil sister blue dream

  2. You have a golden opportunity to grow in your backyard like that this is a Growers dream coming true to have a place to grow like that. We do it behind the barn and we think we're lucky well we are only for the fact that we got irrigation. But we don't get results like you buddy. You must spend a lot of time with your babies . Freakin well done

  3. When you're not sure about something what I do is I give it an extra week then I chop. But that's me and it's got to look ready I mean ready ready. I get ma DB-×60 lense range finder and I look at THC trichomes from my living room. Lol!!!!

  4. hey bro. i have to say that your girl really good. it's really really healthy plant.
    can you tell me how many water per plant one day?
    Do you have to cut the bottom of the bag so that the roots can go deep into the ground?

  5. Beautiful giants. When are you calling the first day of flower? I believe maybe you are a week ahead. This is your second season growing correct? If that's the case I highly recommend that you experiment with different styles of growing and different NPK applications. As you just found out there are equal or even better ways to meet your end goals. I grew in secret for many years but only had passed down knowledge. This is the first I'm working with all these new strains. You will find different strains have different needs. Living no till soil best mimics the natural grow cycle…some plants are real hungry. Keep up the great work. More research is needed to discover the necessary knowledge. Bro your sour D ganda down blew mine away altho mine is dark purple. Great looking buds.

  6. To do or not to do,,,,that it seem is the $64,000 question. Do you think your very big, very fat lady’s look under done. .??? No. I didn’t think they look burned,staved,uncared for ,or under done as well … Your lady’s are with out doubt some of the best backyard grows I have seen… so to answer your question, did your enjoy all the mucking around in the garden ??????????👨🏼‍🌾🌰🌱🌳🚬😃

  7. Your garden is stunning as always😍💖 I had to cut my goddess kush and one of my GDPS early due to bud rot issues. I hope everyone is having a great croptober!💖💖💖💖 stay positive everyone much love💖💖💖

  8. I asked when the next update was coming on your cureing vid and looked in my notifications and you had one for today lmao i was missing your garden mine is getting fucked from the rain plants arent supported enough

  9. Kosher Kush is actually the ‘Jews Gold’ cut from NYC that DNA acquired and put into seed production and changed the name to be less anti Semitic. If you run through a few packs you will find the right pheno and it’s most definitely some fire 👌🔥✌️

  10. It'd be interesting to see the results of a cheap rapitest soil test. What I'm curious about is how much residual fertilizer you have in your soil at the end of the season. You're obviously pushing the limits of what's possible out of a 65 gal container. I don't think teas are necessary. Just give em a few applications of Down To Earth BioLive 5-4-2 or Vegan Mix 3-2-2 and keep a good compost/ mulch layer on top. You will be good.

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