1. Whats on top of your privacy fence just curious been trying to start my outdoor grow but want to make sure its completely enclosed and non seeable to the public eye

  2. Super happy for you man. i want to get myself in a similar situation i put in probably the same amount of effort indoors as i would outdoors with less results also just not as gratifying as being in that nice blue legal skies with them beautiful plants man, hell yeah…also doesn't the smell kinda give you away even if you can't see them….id imagine it would

  3. I had 2 plants outside my house, i was stupid enough to order pizza one night… i guess the fucker mustve seen them cause a couple days later they got stolen while i was watching tv inside. I'm still thinking of ideas to get some revenge on him

  4. So right, I had 2 behind my dog kennel, I checked it every night after work on the way in, did only show one person I thought I could trust, it was so close to being ready, I said to myself I to 3 mote days, you can guess it was gone when I came home next night, cut off at the ground, I was sick 🤕 the guys friend came a year later and told me he was sorry he had nothing to do with it, yeah right ! His best bud. Never show anyone!

  5. This is why I'm so afraid. Guess I'll have to go all out on security. People are peices of sht just about everyone I know. Why take what someone has worked so hard for and invested everything? I'll take something of yours alright. Boom💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  6. …lol nobody would ever suspect the skunk nest living here. 😂✌on the next episode of s.w.a.t. all joking aside this is crazy!

  7. Dude, you are TOO down on humanity. You seem overly paranoid to the point of being completely isolated.

    There is a reason for that!

    You are NOT growing a garden!!!! You are growing a small ORCHARD!!!!!!!!

    I am amazed at your growing skills, but learn the Japanese art of bonsai if you want to remain urban/suburban.

    My suggestion to you is move to a remote country side, lay in a couple acres, and ply your trade.

  8. Great vid on protecting your investment. Dogs are # 1 in my book. You've got a dog ( and not no pussy Pomeranian or some shit.) You know a decent size dog and you shouldn't have any problems.🔫🥊🗡️🐺💰🚨

  9. Bro your outside how the f would you not get the cops called on that loud. Better make friends with those Nbr's more then your saying I'd help my old Nbr's all the time no wait if she needs help I'll help. Half of them want off opioids so smoking is not bad in their eyes

  10. Ppl may not be able to see it but they can Smell it 😳 and with the smell and the bamboo skirting u are Easily a Major target ur standing out in da hood believe it ur going to have a problem with thieves or the law one

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