Tarps on Raised Beds | Organic Farming in the Philippines

I am Joseph, a foreigner living in the Philippines with my Filipina wife Netnet. Our farm is run on a combination of organic, natural farming, and permaculture …


  1. Organic farming is a sustainable farming without compromising our environment and healthy living… You are really good in what you're doing!.. you're chicken have got a loots of care in a beautiful surrounding. It's very productive hehehe..:-) love to watch it….

  2. Buongiorno Joe, yes, we have 3 of that very useful tractor for the countryside, it makes cultivation easier, even here in europe there are so many tractors coming from Japan and I would say that the Japanese products are excellent 😉

  3. Very long time ago my grandparents bought Cobota motor made from Japan for their rice thresher and the quality is excellent 👍 until now its still working well..👏..

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