Nuclear Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Nuclear waste poses a serious threat to public health if it’s not stored in a safe place. John Oliver explains why the United States desperately needs to build a …


  1. Pretty much all Americans think Nazis are good now? Dump on Trump not his supporters that like your videos (besides when you pretty much suggest all Trump supporters are barely human and are all Nazis and child rapists)

  2. Such a liability. In 2001 a group of people managed to use passenger planes as missiles. What can people like this do with nuclear waste? They don't even need to move it anywhere.

    America is not safe at all. Glad I don't live there

  3. There’s radio active waste used in home fire alarms, ionization alarms, it’s called americium-241 all of the major brands use it; it allows tiny particles to be detected. The radioactive waste symbol is literally on the back of your alarms; go pop it off the ceiling and look.. these alarms have been proven to not work, if your alarm goes off when you bake or burn something in the kitchen, then you have one of these alarms. the reason they go off from cooking mishaps is because ionization defectors detect tiny particles ie burning toast or pizza. Most house fires cause things to burn that release large particles thus failing to be detected by these ionization alarms and once a home is engulfed in flames the ionization alarm melts releasing the radioactive toxin which fire fighters are exposed to. Another little known fact about the cheap home alarms is they are not supposed to be thrown away, they are suppose to be sent to a faculty to be disposed of, because of the radioactive waste in it. Basically they decided if we can’t store it, let’s use it and basically have everyone in America store a little for us at their house…😬Photoelectric fire alarms are the way to go, you can buy them at the same places or most alarms companies offer them and will professionally install them.

  4. I was born and raised in the tri-citys home of the Hanford reservation seend it there they love the shit, enormous cash cow. I left at an early age because the place is a fucking toilet and im not talking about the dump

  5. So if we built a single giant nuclear waste facility, it would be a huge target for terrorists and how many accidental spills of this stuff would happen transporting it from all over the country to there?

  6. was cool to see the coldwater creek waste mentioned. some of the contaminated dirt from that dumping was thrown in a landfill, which is now across the street from another landfill that has been burning for years. grew up near there and my mom died of cancer.

  7. I live in Cleveland and in the suburb of Euclid, I've been, in the 1980s, in empty factories that have basements we couldn't go into. That's because nuclear and chemical waste was just dumped on the floor of the sub-basement. As far as I know, it's still lethal down there. We were using the buildings as a warehouse. The sub-basements, of course, we went down there to take a look, were shallow lakes of toxic ooze. In Marion Ohio, the school district bought cheap industrial wasteland to build schools and a lot of those kids died of cancer in their 30s and 40s. I lost some friends who grew up there. We had biologists fired for reporting what they found around Perry nuclear power plant, for reporting what they found in Lake Eirie and saying not to grow any food within fifty miles of the lake. Worm eggs in the tap water. So the lake was cleaned up by sinking the toxins into the silt. As I'm writing this I'm wondering why the hell I'm still living here? The scary thing is that Cleveland has one of the highest rated tap water systems in the country. What the hell are YOU drinking?

  8. The real solution would be to build the site but invest in transmutation technologies. The EBR II reactor design is actually quite clever, and the only reactor design I can approve. The reason is this: We can feed it our old nuclear waste and reduce therefore the amount of waste we have to store. It's a pressure less design which means it can't explode. It is passively save from run away processes due it's molten core feature. So stupid they shut down the test reactor…

  9. Oh my God laugh out loud I just figured out how Trump can make his f**** wall make to Glass sides and put all the nuclear waste inside it haha I guarantee you nobody will go near it

  10. This may be the saddest thing I've ever seen and really makes me fear for the future 7 million people at least watch this only 100,000 made a comment about it I 50.00negative comment about it this must be the saddest thing I've ever seen I'm probably doing the math wrong because I hate auto-text but I can't read or write very well but this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen he did this so good and give so much information and out of 7 million at least who viewed it very few made a like or dislike or comment about it this is so f**** disturbing Humanity deserves to die at this point this is the saddest f**** thing I've ever seen we need to band together and find a way to fix things like this this is what he Maddie is regardless of race or Who We Are we fight for each other to preserve the Earth that we all live on at the very least your God help us all whichever God that is for you

  11. The really sad part is that scientists at Hanford, Washington developed a way to recycle over 90% of the waste in the 1980s with reclaiming it for medical isotope use, material reuse and so on. It was called CURE and it was shot down because politically everyone was in the process of approving storing it underground. CURE either stood for Complete Use of Reactor Energy or Clean Use of Reactor Energy. Politically it was shot down for the reason mentioned above and that it would adversely impact the mining and refining of uranium.

  12. A shit ton more hazmat from coal ash, and by products from making turbines and solar panels.

    Nuclear is cleaner and safer and the only power source that doesn't fund the fossil fuel industry.

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