Nigeriana/ The future of Cannabis in Nigeria

Nigeria is a major source of West African Grown Marijuana, as it’s widely produced across different states in the country. Two Nigerian states; Ondo and Osun …


  1. It is agriculture. The government wants young people to find.
    We have to be ahead of the curve to compete in the world. The rest of the world is recognising the medical and financial benefits but not us. Nigeria should legalise marijuana and become an exporting nation.

  2. Does nigeria actually have good weed? I lived in congo during my teenage years and the weed there was so shit, all filled with grains and branches and was barely green. I wonder if Nigeria's weed is a step up

  3. In 2019, the conversation around legalizing marijuana and the boom of medicinal marijuana seems to be dominant; will Nigeria join other countries that have decriminalized and legalized it?

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