NEW Eco Style Cannabis Sativa Oil LINE including a GEL… GET HIGH WITH ME lol jk

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  1. I know everyone be wanting thick edges, but my edges THICK ASFF and I lowkey hate it because when I do my baby hairs it don’t turn out right. Most of my hair is medium hair width but my edges are coarse and it’s 4c so it’s hard to manage, the rest of my hair is 3c,4a,4b

  2. Spray cream leave ins drive me CRAZY but I LOVE this gel. This one and the clear are my favorites for hold. Olive oil for my mini twists. I’ve learned a lot from you today, thank you for being consistent and honest! For being REAL

  3. I tried this gel on my wash and go last night. I woke up this morning in my Kim voice like: “HMMM look at my hairrr”! Love this stuff. Kim brought us the truth once again 🙌🏾

    YES it is loud but it doesn’t dry as loud as it smells in the jar. 😉

  4. OMG….The Gel The Cannabis Sativa Gel…Glycerin too high on the list (3rd Ingredient) The next day my hair felt like I didn't put gel on it and no hold whatsoever and when applying I could feel that GLYCERIN FEELING! The only upside is that it doesn't have any protein. With that said Wetline Xtreme here I come!

    For a protein gel: Eco Style Argan
    No Protein: Wetline Xtreme Clear
    Pudding: Fantasia IC Argan oil pudding (tricky to use)

  5. Are y’all seeing her background 😳 she has bought out the whole damn beauty supply store & different multiple products.. I love😍 & my favorite song “no no do”!!!💃🏽

  6. If you check the label, there's no weed in it. There's a VERY small amount of Sativa oil in it so being honest they just target certain people by the name, and people fall for it.

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