1. living in a small towns great city life seems to make kids grow up to quick these days and forget where they came from although sometimes the drama can be bad like in pugs case oh well good cheechin with you mudflap hey do you like the Edmonton Oilers? i figure as a hash smoker and a hockey fan itd go hand in hand lol later bro

  2. hey del. did someone else suggest to tape up your mason jar. i was so excited to see the jar then i hear you say ron i got it cover'd. …. what about the flatface !!! ….i thought i did such a great service to all mankind with the suggestion of tapeing up mason jars . lol

  3. Ooh, you guys have a passenger train stop there in Strathroy too, don't you? That's nice! I've never lived somewhere that had convenient rail travel. I think it would be nice to have more rail travel available. It's an hour's drive to Cincinnati from here to the rail station. I think it would be nice to do a cross country trip by rail some day. Sorry, the train going by derailed my train of thought, pun intended.

    Oh, sorry to hear about the wife getting hit by a car! I do like to ride my bike to work, so I am worried about the drivers on the road. I hope she gets better!

  4. I expected the comments would be difficult to keep up with eventually. I don't mind you not replying, It's just nice knowing you see them.
    Great time hanging out, as always.
    Take it easy. Cheers Mudflap! 🙂

  5. i was raised right by train tracks….found out young that 3 boys could push a flatbed railcar….=]….Lookin around, it sounds like Stratford has a pretty decent music festival in the summer….=]

  6. Appericate the shout out and the info. So more air flow for herb vs the hashs =less air. I cant handle big blasts, I want to get a enail im just un-sure of what type of glass ware i should get, id like to be able to put ice cubes in if possible. Any suggestion from anyone would be awesome Cheers Bubbalou

  7. Right on with the video man, when you went into getting the truck fixed and said that dealer quote I was worried, but you'd done right 😛 I've spent years getting people to support their local garage if they offer service worth supporting, sounds like you got someone who takes pride in their work, offer decent part prices and labor rates. Still jealous at everyone getting the hashes, even so close I can have trouble. 😛

    I love going up north camping man, I hadn't done it in awhile until last year, missed it so much; sucks so bad those years when you don't get to make it out.

    Great time as always man, cheers!

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