1. We ran a pot farm in Albania, shipped it across the adriatic into southern Italy via speedboats and in turn Italian "clans" would always have the right connections that would help distribute to the western euro market. We smoked it and made money. It served 2 purposes.

  2. I love seeing people enjoying weed without being a douche like some rappers that can only hold a conversation about smoking and feel they have to act like the weed is making them dumb as shit.

  3. I just want to be able to smoke without feeling like I’m a criminal. I’m disabled & use cannabis for pain bc I don’t want to be prescribed heavy opiates, I don’t want to be addicted to their garbage ever again.
    Cannabis needs to at least be medically available to everyone, especially those who are in pain. How is it fair for someone on the other side of a state line to be able to smoke weed legally, meanwhile those of us in non-legal states either have to suffer, go back on pills, or smoke and hope to god you don’t get caught. The answer, it’s not.

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