1. Stop searching for fake spritual people…sometimes its fruitless till u find the real and turuthful ones…find spiritual buried in u…find urself lost in this nature…even buddha find his inner power by himself with only the guidence of yogi…not all yogi teach the same parth to reach god…only u choose the best out of it…meditate more to make urself realise the existance of Him…meditate and dont waste ur time

  2. This is bahavna maya panna (experiencal wisdom). He may have known that he does not need any intoxicants or that it may even be harmful for his practice but he experienced it himself instead of just merely accepting that it true because someone said it's true. This is true wisdom.

  3. HE DROPED HIS ACID BEFORE HE DROPED ACID LOL RAM DASS GAVE NEEM KAROLI BABA OVER 900MICS AND NOTHING HAPPEND INFACT HE DID THAT TO HIM TWICE with special Owsley Stanley acid that were 305mics white lighting back in the 69 or 70 before he wrote be here now which was written in 1971 the year i was born it might have been 1966 to 70 not 100% on the date but ive heard him tell that story a few times

  4. At 9:50 did you hear him what he just said and you are in India trying to deep into yourself forgetting your mom going threw divorce bro spirituality isn’t that hard if you just sit down and think about stop going around the world just for some drugs and altered states of mind and do your job be a good son brother just do regular shit you suppose to maybe you will get glimps of truth

  5. you people are idiots. you can't use lsd publicly. it is illegal. I will sue you all. and these types of babas are ranked beggars in India. what the hell you think India is? let me tell one more time is it drugs and totally hardcore.
    Hinduism don't allow drugs. you cheap butchers.

  6. Maybe the drugs facilitate some type of spiritual contemplation however in my own many life experiences ive come to understand that such actions have a contrary effect. I've also come to know that one can become extremely high without drugs. I have taken many drugs and drank a lot of alcohol thinking I was realizing myself, only to realize I was getting farther and farther away from my essence. I rather get high sober.

  7. Man such a great video I was always kinda curious on what a monk wound experience on a psychedelic considering they are already typically in such a high state of consciousness from a day to day basis. Great video.

  8. Dakota you have very good eye contact and I wish I could have that like you sometimes I get freaked out or feel uncomfortable looking someone in the eyes but it seems like you really are good at that

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