1. VR cannot be whatever you want it to, it always be time waster games, same chatrooms. You cannot jam with your band. you can’t go into a forrest, take a piece of wood and carve it into something for you to use. you can’t plant in your garden and harvest the fruit. You can’t hold your wife, see your child be born in person. You can’t actually paint or learn how to paint, you can only learn the simulation of painting for digital art, that has next to no value emotionally or monetarily. If the funnest thing he experienced was standing in a simulation listening to people talk about a simulation, watch a movie in a simulation with other people who are not even there, then he has demonstrated how mundane vr is, because its not reality. It is useful for teaching some things, playing some things, but the name is misleading. A better experiment would be to see what is the best use of vr.

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