1. I didnt use peroxide will i be fine? Stoped smoking on Sunday afternoon had my test today at 3:30pm drank alot of water , ate fatty foods , brushed my teeth gums and flossed , i also took some mouth wash gum and it desolves in your mouth , i made sure they were on my gums . Hopefully i pass im so ANXIOUS 😓

  2. I'm taking a test tomorrow and will update. Only 24 hours abstinent from use. I'm going to update on a couple different videos whose advice I am using so if I don't remember just ask me how it went! I'm always on YouTube so I will respond.

  3. But I haven't really ate much all I've been doing is well I just got up so I'm brushing my teeth is 12:45 I'll probably brush my teeth until 1 then I'll go drink some water and then I'm planning on going to the dentist at 1:30 cuz my appointments are for for this test do you think that should help

  4. Because right now since yesterday I've been using hydrogen peroxide toothpaste mouthwash on brush my teeth for like a half an hour straight I at least brush my teeth 50 times yesterday

  5. Be careful guys, this doesn't work for everybody… I recently failed after doing all this… but our police are absolute cunts here, we have zero tolerance here.. 1 part per billion and your fucked here.. DON'T COME TO QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA AND DRIVE IF YOU HAVE SMOKED IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS

  6. Im going to be taking my test about 24 hours (at least) of not smoking and have been brushing like crazyyyy and rinsing with mouthwash. You guys think I'm good? I smoke errrreyyyday too just to put that out..

  7. I just want to let everyone know I stopped smoking right after I was told about a mouth swab test! So my test was delayed about 68 hours until the swab, which was great because it gave me time to clean thoroughly!

    1. I switched my power chain bands on my 😬 braces. And brushed using regular crest mint tooth paste about 3 times for a period of 5 min.
    2. I kept this brushing routine consistent about 3 times a day split into 2 five minute sessions! I didn’t use any listerine at all or anytime of mouth wash, just water to rinse along with hydrogen peroxide! 1 cap along with 1 cap of water to dilute.
    3. Be sure to gargle at the end of your rinses and when you brush make sure it’s with a new tooth brush or buy a pack of 1$ brushes so you can use and dispose of it following your brushing!
    4. I cannot express this enough but when you brush you need to brush you palate, you inner cheeks, gums, and under your tongue especially! Being thorough and consistent with these washes will ensure a fast pass!
    5. I drank only water as it’s suggested but it was distilled and all morning I was sucking on sour patch watermelons and took like a mouth full when I walked into my test….test swab is placed under your tongue I didn’t move it or mess with it and I ate all my sour patches before I took my test. Test sent to labs….😬


  8. i had my mouth swab drug test for this job that I really want today. Question, I didn't smoke none at all yesterday I did my mouthwash peroxide and even the strips will I still pass someone help??????

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