How to Give Cannabis Fertilizer 🌲 EXACTLY the RIGHT DOSE

This Video shows how to give EXACTLY the right amount of fertilizer for your Cannabis. So you get thick, fat, happy and healthy plants. Links to the equipment: …


  1. I personally use fox farms organic plant feed along with hot water extracted spirulina, kelp, microbials, yucca extract and coconut oil all mixed in w/ water for the roots and my plants go crazy

  2. I use a spray bottle to water my plants, so I water more then once a day. On the day that I fertilize do I used the fertilizer once and then use normal water for the rest of the time I spray it or do I just give it the fertilizer all the time for the full day?

  3. Does the dose varies on how big your plant or how much soil you grow on ,I mean does the dose changes if you grow your plant in a much smaller case

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