How Smoking vs Vaping Affects Your Lungs ● You Must See This ! !

Here’s what happens to your body after Vaping VS Smoking for a month! Same experiment WEED for a month If you are seriously …


  1. Smoking is honestly disgusting. It’s slow suicide and it is the most unattractive thing to a person. If I met a girl on tinder and she smoked. She can fuck right off. I wouldn’t want to have sex with a walking cancer cell.

  2. As though human lungs are made of cotton balls the most absorbent things ever made lol nice try lol think I'll keep vaping here and there like a normal person that has some self control…

  3. Can you show what happens with Wild Hemp hempettes? They contain only CBD with no THC or Nicotine in them. CBD products like this has shown a large growth in use with people that want to get off THC and Nicotine

  4. Flawed test.. human body recover and regenerate, if we didnt all the pollution in the atmosphere already would be dangerous, were already at 400ppm co2, take this into consideration and the fact that half of the smoke gets lost in the air when you smoke s cigarette, this is scaremongering at it's most extreme, cigarettes are bad but to affect you like this you would already know how much damage its causing you and your still not stopping so.. your problem.

  5. This is not completely true. First, no one smokes 600 cigarettes at once. Second, the lungs regenerate them self, the tar and dirt is mostly gone after a week. Third, just because you can't see any dirt at vaping does not mean it is much more healthy. Vaping you inhale many very unhealthy. chemicals. Choose what you want to do. I will smoke my weed and tobakko and I will vape. I don't care what society ore politiks say.
    PS: why do you spend around 220€ on cigarettes for a video?

  6. I used a vape to help quit smoking and in fairness of the cigarettes, this experiment is a laughable excuse for a scientific lab… Theres so many things wrong with the information and examples provided in the video… Nobody power puffs a cigarette and holds the smoke inside untill its decipitated.. Not to mention your lungs compared to cotton balls is offensive… That ability the lungs have to repair is truly amazing.. This is fear mongering information.

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