1. So green it’s almost black. Maybe I’ll continue to add flowers to my salads instead. Do you ever make dehydrated crackers with veg or flower pulp from juicing using flax seed or chia? If you’ve made a vid on this I missed it.

  2. I only eat about 2 lbs to 3 lbs of meat a day. But once I get a garden going ill get some greens in me also. But flowers sound like a stomach ache to me. I'm getting older so I'm having to watch what I eat more.

  3. John, thank you so, so much for the edible flower site. I eat so many wild edibles and wild flowers and this is a great resource that I hadn't seen before. Like you I eat a plant based diet and try to incorporate as many wild foods as I can find. Maybe some dates, or lemon with ginger would have improved the flavor of your flower drink. Also blueberry juice would have really helped the flavor.

  4. I always forget about my chrysanthemums, but i do love my radish and bassica flowers. Various cultures do do flower infusions and jams, which are pretty cool. Sometimes, all they use are the petals, not the whole flower.

  5. Before the 70's, specifically, before the 50's, father's worked and mothers stayed home.
    It was enough income for a family.
    Mother's now work so DON'T have time to have a similar garden as John, nor have the time to harvest the produce and prepare it as John does.
    Mother's work 8 hrs., go home, are tired, prepare a meal, clean the home, and have to do it all over again.

    We need to go back to an economy where mothers CAN stay home, IF, IF they wanted to.

    We need mothers preparing healthy and delicious food.
    Or, the father can stay home and tend a garden, prepare the produce, prepare the meals, if the woman works.
    But it'd be nice if ONE parent stayed home.
    (I can dream, can't i?)
    Well, even if both work, some gardening is better than no gardening at all.
    All can learn from Growing Your Greens.

    Nitrites, processed cheese, Kool aid…Oh, Lord. Help us.
    Thank the Lord for health channels on youtube)

  6. Brother, I luv your channel but I will be honest, I don't have time to watch a 20 min video. I use YouTube to gather news and information. Three twenty min videos consumes and hour I don't have to spare. Step up the pace and condense the information.

  7. I’m growing zinnias mixed in with my veggies this year (just because they’re pretty) and didn’t know they were edible until a few days ago! I will definitely be adding them to my diet this summer. I absolutely love your content John – you really encourage me to be healthier.

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