1. Coffee tea and sugar are very addictive. All the msg in food. Our bodies are all addicted. What we eat causes more damage than some of these substances. We need to be free from all addictions including food addictions. God give us grace to get free from all things.

  2. That's not even relevant. Brain damage is caused by the chemical toxins wich are running through the body when swallowed/injected or whatever. The chemical composition is responsible for the whole damage, it has nothing to do with dopamine. How these people who are not even medical doctors or whatever can talk about that? You shouldnt talk about something you do not know.

  3. I hear you are a great teacher But what I am missing is the work off the Holly spirit. Jesus words says that who He sets free is truly free. So I was addicted I asked Jesus to help me Than in one second He did. Somethings can not restore you say. But I prayed for a lady I think 19 years old whit a shorter leg than the other. I veld it was growing in my hands when I was asking Jesus Christ to grow that leg to the same length off her other leg. (Jesus told me the night before that He is the Almighty and only God!)now she is healed I am healed now for years. Jesus is able still!!! do not forget this! There was a cloud in my living room Jesus asked me take my hand than I will heal (internal wounds) you. I did! so that is wy I am able to write this. I thank Jesus Truly the Saviour and rescuer of mankind. His! Yes! His! mankind! Sorry for my English I am Dutch. Renewd thinking that is taking time. So love the people who are heard insight. But love realy can heard! when you are heard insight. So give them time. Give Jezus Christ His time whit those people. Pray.

  4. Perry what does a person do that has chronic pain & severe health problems and did get off the medications and the pain was so unbearable that they would have been dead after 18mths& it's not addiction it's only management in this case and the sad part is they absolutely know The Lord Jesus Christ did this all on the cross and healing is the only way to be free from this very vicious cycle, He knows the grief of our hearts for HE is truest love. So why are some healed and others NOT! I came to your church for the Lord lead me to you because you're not corrupted,He also wants my tithing to go to the omega center and your ministry. Please help with this situation for I know this is the Lords doing. God bless you and your family! Thank you for listening

  5. wonder if the addictive brain is the same for liars cheaters backbiters envy strife murder sedition and so on just wondering like somebody who is not saved

  6. So here is the question. For an addict who is not chemically bound, that is to say people addicted to gambling, sex, porn, running, shopping etc. is it sin when they succumb to their addiction? For horrific addicts, do they really have free will?

  7. The Apostle Paul wrote about the need to renew the mind. Even back then there was a basic understanding about how the mind is capable of being restored, and now today studies are proving this. This truth turns the long accepted disease model of addiction upside down.

  8. This is amazing stuff.. Because it's science it's no longer preaching about having a sober mind.. It's all about the physical aspect of it.. I've heard how alcohol does not affect the brain, it affects it as much as cocaine or any other hard drug, it might be a slow process but it will consume the brain… even the brain activity of a normal vs an addicted brain so crazy.. Praise God that the effects can be reverse Haha

  9. Since marijuana changes dopamine levels temporarily, many have wondered whether this might lead to long-term effects. A 2012 study set out to investigate this and concluded that unlike users of other common drugs, frequent cannabis users do not suffer from lasting changes in dopamine levels.

  10. really interesting… just yesterday before bed time, God put in my mind a concern about the brain… He made me think about healing my brain of something… Thanks for the video, this is the kind of material that should be exposed in churches.

  11. Food is probably American's worst addiction, which IS all in the church. Would be good to see scans of ppl overweight. I think the world looks at being fat as one of those acceptable or normal things.

  12. i have watched you since 1998 or 1999. love your preaching and teachings. I suffer with addictions. nicotine is the biggest then sweets and i have occasionally smoked pot. i know its wrong and i always pray for forgiveness and help. i have faith

    I say this, because, last year, the 26th or June was a Friday.
    HE wants to help people stuck in sexual sin

    10:14  I've also seen a picture of conception, and it looks like a flash of light

    14:45==walnuts are a good BRAIN FOOD

  14. God can and does Heal people instantly from Addiction but not always, sometimes he uses other methods…
    That's why it's so important for an Addict to taper down from the drug they are on, so the Brain can start producing Dopamine again this will prevent the Addict from having severe Withdraw and Cravings after the dope is taken away… This is what God showed me, this will go far in stopping relapse… Someone on Opiates should take a a least a yr coming down off of them… This can easily be done with Suboxone… Quitting Cold Turkey isn't necessary, it causes extra pain and cravings, and in the long run not very effective…

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