1. Unless this was a Sanctioned Tournament or event requiring following the official banned/restricted list this deck used was not Cheating or Illegal it was a casual game those rules don't apply. My Casual Play deck has one of many banned cards good in a general deck but the deck only has one of each card its called a Highlander deck after the movies and TV shows based on the name where in the end of the Game of the Immortals there 'can be only one' left so no more than one of any card. But I built it years ago on the principle I would swap out cards adding the most powerful cards I could in one deck effect monsters, blasting the field morbid, resetting the game (Fiber Jar) and force a tie while having several ways to attack. In the long run it was a lot cheaper than keeping up with the meta. I prefer Speed Duel a lot now it reminds me of the old days and is far simpler.

  2. my friends and I play unlimited and call it "rule of 3".  the only rules we even made was no exodia wins, no stall/ burn decks, and no FTK.  it has been a blast for over 3 yrs now and what was once thought broken is not nearly as broken as one can imagine as the game has advanced so much leading to all sorts of negation, draw power, search power, special summoning, protective effects and non-targeting effects.  Grant it, it does require deck building know how to make something that can blast the opponent while still being able to break nearly impossible boards.  I suggest if someone wants to challenge the ideas of what really needs to be banned and what can truly come back to 1, 2, or even 3 give it a try.  just remember simple rules: no exodia wins, no stall/ burn decks, and no FTK.

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