Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less …


  1. Whatever side you are on, I think we should come together and honor those who died on both sides of the conflict, as well as the people who suffered from slavery. It’s easy to judge an entire chapter of history and groups of people when you know the outcome. That’s what John here is doing. It’s not entirely fair. The vast majority of people who fought on both sides were decent people who got caught in something greater than themselves. I think confederate and union war dead deserve respect and monuments as simple soldiers fighting for their respective systems. Slaves deserve monuments too, because their story is just as important. Before we hastily call for the destruction of confederate monuments, or for making them something they aren’t (looking at you racists) we should sit and think how future generations will judge us and our actions. Then we can make a rational decision.

    But seriously fuck John Oliver he gets assmad when people from America have opinion on European affairs but feels he knows how to handle my country the best when he doesn’t even live here.

  2. Aw I went to the Dixie stampede!
    I was on the union side…
    …They didn’t give me a full rotisserie chicken either…
    …And we were only allowed one refill of pop…
    …looking back the commercial made it look quite a bit better than it actually was lmao.

  3. “During my research, came across instances where black men stated they were soldiers. Soldiers were clearly crossed out and body servant or teamster on pension applications replaced it.” – Black Historian Ervin Jordan

  4. Can someone, , , Anyone, , please explain to me why in hell-o Larry David
    is considered a celebrity or a person of any viable interest what-so-ever ?
    "Curious minds what to know" .
    Thanks in advance.

  5. I think the monuments should stay, but people should not think this glorifies slavery. It is part of history. The confederate flag, if anything, is LESS racist than the US constitution that, while stricken out, has a section that literally says a black man is worth 3/5 of a person and that women have no representation whatsoever.

    Which is another reason we need to replace our constitution and stop acting like it is a perfect document.

  6. My great great grandfather was in the kkk in the years following the civil war, my grandfather was one of the first doctors in Georgia to have a non-segregated waiting room, I don't wish to erase either of these things, the actions of my ancestors are not my fault and I dont get get credit for their good deeds

  7. I love John Oliver because of this: He and his staff try hard to analyze a problem, break it down, even though it may be just horrible and ugly….but then, they offer a genuine and viable way forward. This segment is ugly…but the ending is just beautiful.

  8. some of my family is from the deep south and fought for slavery in the civil war. when i visit my grandmother in alabama i see lots of confederate flags and statues. i don’t get it

  9. Seems pretty easy. Any statues built before 1920, keep em. Any built after, get rid of. Both sides gotta make concessions. Neither side is gonna get 100% victory in this. 50 year window to erect statues seems sufficient enough time to allow statues to stay that were built by ppl who actually fought in the war.

  10. I will try to explain to you people, but I don't think you will get it. The Vast Majority of the South did not own slaves. Black Slavery actually hurt the average White Worker. Small farms could not compete against slave labor and went broke. John Oliver is part of the Globalist Media that is trying to convince white people to give up their race, culture, history and Christian Identity. (These are communist) Southern People are down-to-earth type of people, hard working and a lot of pride. Southern People are also strong Christians. In order for the communist globalist to take over, they must destroy Christianity! So the next time you are watching television, and you see those shows poking fun at families, promoting witchcraft (Harry Potter, The Charmed Ones) or trying to get your children interested in sex at a young age, this is being done on purpose. And one last thing, I forget his name, but the biggest slave own in the South was actually a black man. Also the Blacks sold their people into slavery. The Jews owned the slave ships. And it was the White Christians who stopped slavery.

  11. My questions to you leftist is: The Turkish Muslims committed genocide against the Armenians! 2. Turkish Muslims not only took black slaves, but white slaves. So why don't you stop watching the, Young Turks???

  12. It won't be long that you leftist will want to take down the American Flag as racist, so before that, do us all a favor. Move out of a majority white country and learn what non-whites are like!

  13. IN South Africa, the black government is stealing the farms away from white people and giving them to black people, but none of you pussy-commies will condemn that, instead you are worrying about a confederate flag. Get a life, commies!

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