1. I had some "volunteer" plants start growing in my backyard around Thanksgiving. I transplanted some to give away and some to keep. Left about 20 or so in the ground. They are still growing, in spite of the frost and short days. Gonna plant some more regular seeds in pots until I have them sexed, then I'll put them in the ground. I averaged 3lbs. per plant last year. Your videos and tips have helped quite a bit. Thank you.

  2. I wanted to start my Seedlings indoors as well, but don’t want to buy all that. I have a nice south facing window and was wondering how much light should the seedlings get? In mid March I’ll only be able to get just over 12 hours. Do I need 13? 14? Thanks.

  3. Mr kali … what about the humidity and climate ?! Its hard to controll indoor during the 4 weeks … if you have any tips without using elec it well be fantastic . Thank you am scared to harm my plant with unstable humidity and degress

  4. All your info is really really helpful, thanks for explaining all of your content in a way that everyone is able to understand. I have a silly question, i apologize if you have discussed this in previous videos and I’m not aware. Water, water is the question. I live in SoCal, to fill your 55 gallon barrels, do you use city water out of the tap? This is where I’m stuck. Unsure to use zero ppm reverse osmosis or tap. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for what you do and the way you deliver it.

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