1. Next step will be a simple form that must be filled out for purchase of marijuana from the only 'legal' government regulated outlets; the form will later be used as proof that the buyer uses drugs and is forbidden from purchasing firearms. Canada has no Bill of Rights, but that will be the case in America also. You just watch…

  2. It's now Oct 19. Canada "legalized" pot on schedule. The lineups outside the government stores were like those outside Soviet grocery stores. And, I'm sure you will fall about laughing to learn that both the federal and provincial governments are going to LOSE bucketloads of money selling the stuff. It's hilarious! The NDP (ie socialist) government of Alberta expects to lose $90 MILLION over the next two years! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  3. In Norway we have the same debate whether we shall legalize it or not: Cannabis and LSD. In my view I believe Psilocybin perhaps could be a better alternative than Cannabis since it makes the user more creative and productive at the same time as it's relaxing (microdosage), and I would rather legalize DMT instead of LSD. DMT is only working for around 20-30 minutes, which in my opinion makes it much more compatible with our society – easier to administrate in a controlled environment.

  4. The best thing about weed (from a recreational drug point of view) is that it's a helluva lot easier to produce yourself, than say brewing beer, or distilling spirits, or cooking meth 😉

  5. You are spreading some very bad information about bringing weed across the border, people have been banned for life from crossing the border either way trying to bring weed across. It's an awful idea and you can get in heaps of trouble for it.

  6. Im in Canada and it's not "Good" The law is more strict, fines are higher, jail sentences are more severe. and only the government is allowed to produce and sell. while admitting that they can only account for 30% of the demand.

    its basically prohibition 2.0

  7. While I dislike and will never engage in doing drugs / smoking / drinking, people should be free to engage in self destructive behavior. Its none of the governments business. We don't need a nanny state.

  8. The central concern for Canadians should be how corporations cozy up with government regulators to protect supply. Pot is easy to grow and a lot of people have invested a lot of money banking on a new opportunity to sell a staple recreational and probably addictive substance. They are already beginning to push absurdities about “professionally cultivated cannabis” and the feds have been wringing their hands about legal age limits, edibles and labelling.

    At the moment there is almost no enforcement of cannabis laws, aside from the occasional dispensary being shut down. Any libertarian minded Canadian should be growing pot, even if your sole purpose is to throw a wrench in the works of the new generation of oligopolists.

  9. Legalizing pot, to wipeout the illegal weed market. At the same time the Liberals are attempting to ban legal ownership of guns in order to stop criminals from getting them.

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