Best Documentary 2018 HD Most Dangerous Street Drugs in America – Full Documentary

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  1. I've been clean from opiates for 3 years and 8 months. I now have to go get on opiates for my back pain because my insurance company will not pay for my back surgery because they don't believe that I'm really in pain if not on pain killers. My Dr. appt is next week and it's so fucked up that this is about to happen.

  2. My younger sister passed away from this problem a policeman found her face down in a puddle . She struggled and struggled for so many years . Anyone suffering from this sickness stay strong , positive , and remember your loved and the people you are hurting are not mad , angry they just don’t understand how ya β€˜ feel when your chasing the high. I made peace with the loss of my sister . RIP Maureen .

  3. This was a good documentary.I use these to help me in my recovery unfortunately I can't use the ones from my drug of choice cuz it makes me wanna use.Ths was very helpful and if anyone wants to talk my name is Javier Gonzalez call me any time at 8322306101.Thanks

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