Autoflower update video, opening her up to increase the yield. Grown with Best hydroponic nutrients

In this video I we looked at a seat I started about 3 months ago, it was supposed to just be a feminized White widow seed not autoflower. We do not grow …


  1. If the plant is getting 200 Watts and it can get at least 1 gram per watt then you should have no trouble swinging that 7 oz Mark you are talking about. If you really make sweet love to it and are able to push more than that you might break the half pound mark.

  2. Brother I love what your doing bro, keep it up, any news on the nutes how much you use, need to get my teps up want to see crestels all over my buds, and get my buds to stack more, bro I need to show you my big mumma brother check my huge ass bitch, she is very late, it didn't start flowering till really late, normally pull up first week in April, latest but this thing was late, so to get to stack up, how would you go forward. S. Garzoli Melbourne Australia

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