A Complete Guide to Digging & Planting Your First Vegetable Garden: Tomatoes, Peppers & Herbs

I thoroughly cover all the aspects of starting your first vegetable garden. From selecting the right location & tracking the sun through planting, fertilizing, staking, …


  1. What about using topsoil instead of garden soil? Also heirloom vs. hybrids for tomatoes, which is better? I planted heirloom tomatoes two years ago and they didn't yield enough. I think we had too much rain. Also they were too close together. Let me know if possible, thanks for your video. 🌱

  2. Hey. I’m clearing out part of my messy garden, since we moved in it was covered in weeds and rubbish. Is it a good idea to take the time to pick out all the smaller parts of dandelion roots? Even if they are deep under and will take time to sprout above ground, will the growing roots damage my plants?

  3. We have a shorter growing season up here in the Northland. I live in Superior Wisconsin, so I do buy the Basil transplants instead of seeding it directly in the garden. How long does basil take to grow from seed.

  4. Even though I've been fiddling with home gardening for a few years, I keep smacking into the same issue…and I'll be I'm not the only one.
    With a limited area, but desiring a variety of plants, I end up with enough seeds to plant acres! And that's only a mild exaggeration.
    But, on a positive note: This year I sowed some seeds from two seasons ago, and germination was actually quite satisfactory for most of them.

  5. I live in the city (Washington DC) and just found out I was successful in a lottery for a local community garden plot. It will be my first real garden! I'm so excited!! This is exactly the kind of video I needed, thanks so much.

  6. My husband sprayed weed killer all over a raised bed in my yard about a year ago. Now, I am thinking of starting a garden. Am I able to use that same soil & add some bagged soil or do I have to remove it all and add bagged soil to grow? Thanks in advance!

  7. You make that look so easy. I have watched several of your videos. So, I go to the place with the helpless hardware people. I tell theses Ace's I want a fertilizer with the NPK , Sure enough I get the deer in the headlight look. So, I ask for 10-10-10 , kind of like what you had in one of your video's then cut to 1/4 or 1/2 . He hands me this $8.oo can of, 9-58-8. These garden idjets , I mean experts, said they have never heard of NPK an 10-10-10 fertilizer was mainly for growing grass. Yeah, I was thinking perhaps they skipped the gardening class for a toke break. Or were they talking about a lawn grass ? Seems every year I spend a couple hundred dollars, work my butt off an end up with next to nothing. So I am going to follow your example an see what happens. You got some Great video's.

  8. I'm planning on constructing raised beds this year and adding bagged topsoil, garden soil & compost. Last year I planted in the existing soil (amended around the plants) but where I live in Pennsylvania the soil is a heavy clay with many stones. Very difficult digging. Congratulations on the new house and property!

  9. Right around the 14:15 mark he mentions planting sweet and hot peppers together and the fact that the current years crop will not be affected by cross pollination, yet next years crop will be, with the difference being hot vs sweet peppers. My question has to do with cross pollinating. If I have all sweet peppers….bell peppers, mini sweet peppers, and sweet banana peppers, do I have to worry about the seeds next season or will they all work out because they are all sweet?

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