Why I Quit Vaping Cannabis | No More THC Cartridges For Me

After months of thought and an experiment, I am done vaping cannabis. I am not using any THC cartridges any longer, not from the dispensary, certainly not from …


  1. I'm no expert but i think oil vapor would linger longer then H2o vapor smoke is nasty and smelly and bad for you so i would just vape bud out of the best vaporizer which is the volcano. You can get them cheap off of eBay.

    Tinctures are the most cost effect and healthiest method of ingestion of this plant medicine. Respect the medicine don't over use it or abuse it and you will be good. Sometimes you need to give your body a rest from whatever you are putting into it.

  2. If the weed is not grown organically then regardless if the finished product has no additives the plant was grown rapidly with a shit load of chemical fertilizers pest control chemicals synthetics. Also if the plant was grown indoors it is of lesser quality then outdoor grown.

    As far as vaping i found the vape cartridges suspicious as well. People want something easy and i think that's why they buy the vape cartridges. Maybe vaping flower out of a volcano is the only totally healthy solution.

  3. Small sample size for me, didn't prefer vaping, so done with it too.

    Vaping was about 3 hits for similar effects of same flower, only had a Chemdawg variant vape pen vs CD '91 flower and Ghost Train Haze as both RSO Vape cart vs topshelf GTH flower for compare.

    Mass produced edibles are just too expensive for daily use with any tolerance for most folks?

  4. I think because I've done gram dabs and gram bong hits my throat is used to the harshness and when I use vape cartridges I feel like they are very smooth, and I've tried most of the brands in Vegas. That's just me, I might already have cancer and not realize it.

  5. Yeah I got two The clear disposables from Canopi NLV as a freebie, one was OG and the other one was Golden goat. First of all like you said it was a third empty, second the oil would always move, finally the OG sucked, I didn't get high. The Golden goat tasted like shit and irritated my throat right away so I stopped smoking it. So just like you The Clear quit me on the disposables

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