1. I think I get wayyy higher for a wayy longer duration when I take low temp ~.2 like 10-15 pulls just inhaling like I regularly would to breathe air.. than I do if I took a hot .2 and held it for 30 seconds. If I do that, Iโ€™ll just be higher for the next like 3 minutes. But the first technique gets me wayy higher for like 2 hours. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I appreciate you still making the vids, Iโ€™ve been a follower for at least a good 5 years now and with so many of the og channels disappearing itโ€™s nice to see a familiar face still popping up

  3. โ€œIt occurs almost instantly. According to some sources, 95% of all possible THC is absorbed near instantly upon inhale. If you hold in your toke, you may feel it hits you stronger, but what is really going on is you are depriving oxygen content to your brain, making you feel a little lightheaded.โ€

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