1. Drew, YOU AREN’T FUNNY, AND YOU’RE AN IDIOT! SO YOU’RE PERFECT FOR DRAMA. You’re Joe in the script. You got 5 hours to rehearse, and then we start filming.

    Drew, you’re hilarious, for the record.

  2. Okay. But while you wrote stupid shit while high I wrote stupid shit while sober. "Slang for sex: [about 20 slang words for sex" "[About 20 slang words for masterbating]" "You can be Australia and I'll be England. I'll exile all of my criminals into your asshole ass punishment. [and 27 other history/geographical sexual and disturbing lines]" "Your mom's vagina – 你 媽 道 [and about 20 other "insults" in various languages]" "I can handle anything with enough patience and lube." "'How is she pretentious?' 'Who sleeps with dentures?'"

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