What's so sexy about math? | Cédric Villani

Hidden truths permeate our world; they’re inaccessible to our senses, but math allows us to go beyond our intuition to uncover their mysteries. In this survey of …


  1. One of the best videos I ever seen on youtube.com
    However, the I better think Landau damping is just one of the effects for a fusion reactor at MIT, I am still unable to understand how does that reactor work. How to achieve more electricity than the applied current?

  2. Euler (Schweiz), Gauß, Leibnitz, Cantor, Riemann, Weierstraß Dedekind, Hilbert, Zermelo, Hausdorf, Klein…
    Naja Qualität über Qualität würde ich sagen: die meisten wichtigsten Mathematiker kamen aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum.

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