1. Whoa Jeff, Dude! Did you just get the scoop on things to come? Are Ibis and Guerrilla Gravity going to make a bike together. Whoa, that would be Mo Awesome!

  2. Show us Annadel, pretty please. Damn 576 sq ft and I thought my 800 sq ft apt in Seattle was small, however the memory of your daughter being born there is huge I'm sure so sq ft be darned, thats awesome. I didnt make it this year but I'll be looking for you next year.

  3. Jeff: Love your style both ON and OFF the bike! Great to see real everyday humans who love their work and MTB'ing. And your inclusion of your family is really classy and topnotch. Keep up the great work…..will definitely be giving Kitsbow a look. 🙂

  4. Sea Otter so fun, and tiring. Ha. Can't wait to make it to Annadel again (yes, def interested to know what u rode!)

    Hmmm… never rode Mt Tam. Shred nearby Tamarancho tho. Hope I run into you someday, my man.

  5. Best T-shirt I’ve ever had in every way (fit, fabric, look) was a Kitsbow I was given at MBO a few years back by Jordan&Lani. It got eaten by the washing machine last week. This video inspired me to go order a few new ones!

  6. My daughter graduated from Sonoma St University in 2017….. I have so many found memories of driving up from SoCal to see her and will forever have a special place in my heart for the Petaluma / Rohnert Park area….. Loved this video!

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