Viparspectra Reflector 450W Veg/Flower LED Grow Light Unboxing and Review

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  1. I think for the price, this seems to be a good light. I've had two running for a month now and I'm very happy with them. The fans aren't the quietest, but they aren't bad either. The light seems solid and well built. I'll have to wait for yield results, but so far I'm very happy with them. The veg growth has been fantastic!

  2. I just use t-5s for my seedlings, keep them on racks stacked ontop on another very low power consumption cus you don't need much… the lights can be six inches away….. from there to the electric sky

  3. Cool videos bro. Very useful info. Any chance you could do a review of the chinese led manufacturers. Im interested in the phlizon 600 in particular.
    Look forward to morr of your videos!

  4. I just bought a viparspectra TC450 has built in timers and seperate dimmers for veg & bloom. wondering if it's ok to put closer for seedlings with say veg/bloom set at 50%? just trying to keep electric bill down. I also figure it'll save the leds from burning out too early.

  5. Hi guys do you ever do like a top ten of budget leds mid range leds and high end leds.Ive watched loads of your reviews but would like a bit more i.e. what are your real opinions. Alan

  6. I have been using the 300 watt Viparspectra and love the results. I need to expand and was thinking about purchasing an additional 300 watt light, but this makes me think it would be worth the extra $ to go with the 450. thanks

  7. this shit is junk…when it breaks dont plan on getting it fixed. Sent them my light with tracking now they say they never receieved it when some chinese person signed for. Rip off company

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