Topping & Pinching – Marijuana Training Techniques

Learn how to train your marijuana plants through the topping and pinching techniques. High Stress training techniques for your marijuana plants. MY GROW …


  1. Now my plants are in flower. In veg I bent the main steams over for horizontal growth and to let the lower branches grow up and also defoliate heavily taking off all the lower down new growth. I did this last time and my biggest one gave me 30 odd grams which i think is great because I stress them alot and only veg for 4 weeks before switching to 12/12. I pulled all together 2.4oz all together from 4 plants with 3x Chinese 120 watt led grow lights, Coco and biobizz nutrients. I need better lights and a longer veg to a higher yeild but I'm getting some great quality weed from my efforts. I have pictures if anyone wants too see.

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