Tonight with Jane Dutton | Cannabis: it's legal, but is it wise? | 18 September

What was the Constitutional court thinking when it decriminilased marijuana today? Can South Africa, with its massive unemployment problem, afford to have …


  1. Is that a drug head talking. Please. Listen to that lady. Ignorance. Herb is not addictive. Rum and cigarettes kill the most people every year. Check the stats. Pure emotional rubbish that white guy talking. People smoke herb in my country like how you eat mangoes and i dont see those things happening. You can get addictive to anything. Sex money work parties sleeping. As the lady said moderation.

  2. Correlation does not imply causation. It's the number one rule of gathering and applying data. There is a correlation between Marijuana use and other drug use. This does NOT mean the one led to the other. Most people who use dagga do not become dependent or exhibit other drug seeking behaviors. Most Drug addicts have will have abused other substances like alcohol. You have as much proof that drinking water causes people to become drug addicts as you do to say Dagga caused it. It's like saying drinking water causes death because 100% of all people who have ever died have also drunk water. Yes, there is a correlation between drinking water and death but the relationship is not causal.

  3. There is no Scientific evidence that the use of Marijuana leads to any psychological effects. These three people are spewing populist rhetoric and have no evidence or facts to backup their claims. The rasta lawyer has been smoking it probably for YEARS, is he showing any kind of Psychological effects?? If they did their research properly, they'd know that cannabis has two main compounds, TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol ) and CBD (cannabidiol). TCH is the component that causes the feeling of "Euphoria", whereas CBD reverses that feeling. Both compounds have proven to have much medical benefits to fight various diseases. See
    The only reason why there was ever the big push against Marijuana, is because this drug can replace most useless medicines manufactured by Big Pharma in the cure for various cancers and other fatal diseases.

  4. First of all people including some cannabis advocates must stop referring to cannabis as a "DRUG". It is a plant that has been around for thousands of years and probably the first cultivated crop. Furthermore it is natural unlike drugs such as coke ,heroin etc.whose original plants etc have been altered using toxic chemicals etc.Addiction is a choice. Nobody from my research has ever died from the direct ingestion of this much maligned plant. Alcohol and its abuse on the other hand has caused direct death . This of course includes many other drugs. Non steroidal antiinflametories on the other hand cause massive rates of fatalities across the world. Cannabis has been demonised by various nations and institutions for decades to further their own agendas. Mostly for financial gain and political control over local populations that they colonised. To give an example England banned and demonised Hemp Sativa in Egypt so it would not impact on their cotton business to mention only one of many examples. Racism and subjugation was also part of the plan there and many countries across the globe.Now big business wants to get involved together with government and medical control council etc once again to profit from one of natures gifts. So they now realise its potential to heal as well as aliviate many health issues They take a plant that has hundreds of canabanoid and terpenes and pick on one compound CBD and try and sell that concept to the public and other ill informed people and make it socially acceptable. Once again making millions for their shareholders etc. Don't buy into that lie. The effect of cannabis for medical use is synergistic and all the compounds need to work together. Not saying CBD is bad but its not the whole story. That person who claims to have had personal experience with addiction etc is ill informed and biased. Cannabis is not a Gateway Drug. I myself have had a family member addicted to tik and other drugs and he never touched "DAGGA". He made a choice to take drugs for whatever reason. He also made a choice to get off drugs and stay clean.So just to wrap up i don't drink heavily and i don't smoke cannabis although i did in my youth. We did drink excessively and party like any young person that has found their new freedom. Some of my peers did ruin their lives and became alcoholics etc. Again a choice. By the way most people that smoke or vape weed do not even smoke cigarettes. They also do not get Paralytic drunk beat up their wife and kids kill people on our roads fight with neighbors etc. Don't get me wrong i am all for braaing and watching rugby etc and having a few beers. I just don't drive in that case. STOP blaming weed for all the ills of society. And don't buy into the false propaganda no matter what Experts that they have on their payroll trying to convince you.

  5. Wake the hell up people. The p[lant was banned becuase it intefered with profits from other organisations. Fact. Textile, Medicinal, Tobacco, Petrolchemical, etc etc etc. Its been proven to be beneficial to human health.

  6. I cannot believe we are letting drug addicts make the rules now… how irresponsible SA, but I guess now no one has to convince anyone that dagga harms anymore… those in doubt will see it for themselves unfold… and those who are deceiving the rest will be exposed. These people want to make money off the suffering and addiction of SA citizens.

  7. Everybody is making a noise about the ruling. Nothing is going to change. You are not going to get more people smoking. You are now going to realise how many people actually smoke dope. The difference will be that they don't have to fear arrest.

  8. This Rusta knows what he is talking about as he has been doing this research for years. You can't call weed a drug its no longer a drug. Adam has no idea what he is talking about. Just because he was addicted to other drugs does not mean that all what he went through is the same. Adam get over yourself please come on. Weed does not kill. ALSO IT WAS STATED THAT ADULTS ONLY. so kids can not take it. So parents should be more parents to their kids. I cannot believe you would bring someone in who has no clue what he is on about (Adam). The USA and other countries have been doing research on this for so many years and there is also HUGE health benefits to use it. One can not be so uneducated to think that all the work the Rasta would ask for this to be put through and have no evidence to prove his case. How can we blame drugs, alcohol etc as the problem. It's not educating the youth and adults of this country. And there is not enough help for other problems and now you want to say Adam that you were in the same thing. No you uded harmful drugs that caused issues to your health. You can not speak on behalf of all people. As smoking tabaco and alcohol, anorexia, overweight etc causes health and mental health issues. I do not smoke weed. But my husband has epilepsy and canibas could help with that. Just like very thing can be addictive. Porn, gambling, playing games, sex etc. We can not as a country grow and have freedom if we cannot come together and help with educating everyone. Yes there will be other laws with weed, but that will help for our future. Please can you do your homework before bring people onto your show that have no cooking clue what the topic is about. The Rusta (thumbs up) I behind you 100%

  9. This panel is ridiculous. Everything they said about marijuana is true for alcohol and tobacco. Yet they are fine with those not being criminalised.

    Criminalisation won't solve addiction. It just forces people to go to the black market for their fix.

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