This country isn't just carbon neutral — it's carbon negative | Tshering Tobgay

Deep in the Himalayas, on the border between China and India, lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, which has pledged to remain carbon neutral for all time. In this …


  1. One of the best environmental effort. There are no new methods to do environmental protection. Same as what we are talking or studying from our childhood. The only change is that Bhutan did it we are yet talking or studying it. Happy to hear this talk. This has given me a positive mindset, that environmental protection is not an impossible theoretical fact, but a practical one. Thanking King of Bhutan who should be also called the king for environment.

  2. And trump refuse to sign the Paris agreement in 2018…………a small country committed for life has more integrity than our entire GOP leaders in washington. Great country we have in the US these days!!! I'm ready to become an X-Pat getting my Arabian horse ??? moved with me. How??? but truly do we, the US need to fall further into the bowels of manure, bigotry, ageism and racism?

  3. Love and respect to the people of Bhutan. I have no single word to describe how beautiful the people and the place is. May Bhudda bless and protect this another existing lung of the earth. My wish to visit this country before I die.

  4. Bhutan is reversal of Indonesia, where environment is sacrified to industry, forest is sacrified for mining and palm oil, and our own culture and religion is sacrified in the name of some abrahamic religion that wanted turn our rich culture into middle east culture

  5. love from pakistan, we south asian countries have some of the worse air pollution. I'm pretty sure Bhutan is canceling out all of pakistan,india and bangladesh's pollution simultaneously hence maintaining balance of the world😅😅😘

  6. I wonder if they calculated where the billions in forgiven aid comes from in their carbon footprint. It’s easy to be nice when other nations hold your hand and guarantee your sovereignty.

  7. 2 billion GDP and has a free health care and education, free electricity for farmers, electric cars and negative carbon emission. Shame on America which has one of the highest GDP and healthcare and education cost is one of the highest. That's how corrupted our government has become, how screwed are we getting by companies and monopolies which have privatized hospitals, universities, jails and also make sure to lower the quality of public institutions. America has the power to make miracles but seems like people are getting confused too much by fake news and propaganda and they seem to just give up and accept the system and allow getting screwed even more and paying debts in taxes that big monopolies aren't paying. It's sad knowing the fact that American society is educated and social and political conscious. People can change this system.

  8. Bhutan is protected by INDIA in many angle but his statements are negative vibs ……! Please don't be disrespectful towards your friend nation ….. Still we love you from INDIA ❤️

  9. Yeah you can be carbon double digit negative country if you revoked the citizenship of million of people, make them illegal immigrants and forced them to take refuge in foreign country because of their different culture ,tradition . I dont see any difference in their ideology and nazis.

  10. The most successful countries in the preservation of Nature, human happiness and well-being are those that don't have their imperial ambitions or have got rid of them in time. All possible successes and achievements to the people of Bhutan and the people of all countries! With love from Russia from the North Caucasus!
    I don't understand who puts dislikes this positive video?!

  11. Not all roses. The average life expectancy is 7 years less than the USA even with universal coverage. Doctors per 1000 persons is very low as is number of hospital beds per 1000 persons. Nice and fortunate that they have 60% of their land that will grow forest. It is impressive that with a significantly higher population density than USA, Bhutan has been able to be environmentally minded.

  12. Butan 👌 . Indian leadership always strive for power dam care of environmental or climate change true they speak high of these subjects but coming to act nothing not even zero n we common people of same as our leadership

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