1. I love this one! There is so much in there for us! I get so excited when I hear these principles. Thank you, Michael, for you insights and being a reflection of our consciousness.

  2. The most important experience of my life happened recently. I understand that forgiveness come much more easily, if I simply refuse to judge the thing…if I am offended, what does it say in regard to myself? I have had tirades with God, in the past- I thought he would not have me back. He/she said to me, "My love for you is so much greater than your anger." I speak freely with Holy Spirit, no pomp and circumstance…just converse, and listen. Pray and then be quiet. Meditate. I see miracles on the daily. Sometimes a feather dropped near me. Not the lottery. I will always walk in abundance of LIFE! Thanks Michael for sound teaching. I do not know where I might be, without having digested much of it. ~TJ

  3. "There has to be another way." I like that. It makes great sense. And it parallels the letting go of the outcome. The process is in knowing that anything and everything can happen to make the right things happen to put us back on our path with God again; and only God needs to know what the outcome will be. Our only job is to walk with Him and open ourselves up to anything He wants to work through us.

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