1. If you want better women and children, be BETTER FATHERS and MEN. This is why the world is so jacked up…DOPE SMOKING COCKROACHES. He thinks this makes him so cool….he looks more like a DUMB FOOL.  The ONLY people that think this is cool are people who have severe brain damage already. The reason they call it DOPE is because you have to be a DOPE to be doing so much damage to your body and BRAIN….I feel so sorry for women and children.  These are the type of DUDES we're supposed to be submissive to…and follow their lead according to the BIBLE…..NEVER ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Most BM are already as DUMB as hell…always letting WP outplay and outsmart them. They are the LAST ones who need more BRAIN DAMAGE. BETTER FATHERS = BETTER WOMEN!

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