Oral History of Avengers: Endgame & Infinity War with the Russo Brothers | Rotten Tomatoes

The directors of ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ take us through recent events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe …


  1. Captain Midol will ruin End Game unless the first scene is her challenging Thanos at the beginning of the movie before she meets any of the avengers. Thanos would kill her easily and use her body as a scarecrow on his planet.
    Cut to Steve Rogers and the avengers. The pager dies and they throw it in the garbage. Then the real movie starts with no mention whatsoever of captain midol for the rest of the movie.

  2. Civil War is a good movie but better than Infinity War? Dont make me laugh. Some things arent subjective. Some things are plain facts. Some idiots just cant accept facts.

  3. God I hate interviewers who try and get spoilers out of directors/actors. "You gonna clue us in on anything…? Like idk…. The beginning middle and end of the movie in complete detail.." like gtfo. That shit is mad annoying

  4. Idk if this is gonna happen but I think that all the original avengers might die. Or atleast the core ones. Imagine how heart breaking that would be. And they've been pushing the theme that this is their last movie

  5. It's all good, but why do they keep saying things like "we came up with the idea" or "our concept"? Wasn't it all in the script, written by completely different people? No wonder there's been a writers' strike in Hollywood, since the writers are being treated like that.

  6. I will be extremely pissed after 20 films. If they take a character from out of nowhere (Captain Marvel), to save the day. I don't want to get political, but it would ruin all the character story arcs. And be another move by Disney to showcase feminism. Trying to suggest no male superhero can find a solution to saving the day. So enter Captain Marvel and she defeats Thanos and undoes the snap. I was impressed since Disney bought Marvel they haven't gone the Star Wars route. But we will see. It will waste everything they have been building with all their characters. I saw the film Captain Marvel, she had no character arc. Nothing. It was mediocre. But that isn't the entire point (she only had one film). Tony Stark or Steve Rogers deserve to save the universe.

  7. How the hell is infinity War below Civil War on Rotten Tomatoes that makes no sense to me to me in my opinion Infinity war is a perfect film, Civil War was a good movie but I wish they would have had Thanos get one of the stones while all of our heroes are distracted by being dumb and finding themselves there would have been a big lesson learn and then they could have gone to wherever he had got this down from and see the decimation and realize there was no need for them to fight that they need to band together to handle him boom end credits. To me Civil War should have been in the next phase.

  8. I auditioned for the Russo Brothers for a new movie and they are producing Last year. It was such a cool opportunity. It sucks the casting director was not very nice. I told her I don’t read Arabic but I can speak it fluently she said I can do the audition in English and then in Arabic. She changed up everything last minute which is normal in this business. PS fuck rotten tomatoes 85% that’s bullshit!

  9. Besides Kevin Feige, Russo Brothers are probably the best thing that ever happened to MCU. They may not be the most knowledgable people about these comic book characters, but the characters they present on the big screen are just so vivid and faithful to their comic book counterparts its incredible. More importantly, they completely got rid of the "popcorn" brand that marvel movies usually have by comic movie masterpiece like winter soldier, civil war and infinity war.

  10. The Russo Brothers will go down as some of the best directors of all time. They're just so damn talented and their expertise on filmmaking is so freakin' impressive

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