1. I started vaping pretty much as soon as I turned 18 and one day when I was working I didn't have my vape cause the glass had broken on my tank and I was trying to get a new one. My coworker offered a cigarette just to get my nicotine fix and it was the first and list time I ever smoked a cigarette.

  2. That is such bullshit propaganda. As an ex-smoker, now a vaper, you just can't tolerate the taste and smell of analogs as a nonsmoker.
    When I go into a smokers house it makes me sick.

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  4. I’m a teen vaper and to be completely honest I don’t think either are okay. Yes vaping is way healthier than smoking, but I’m still a nicotine addict at 16 years old😂 it affects my athletic ability and when I’ve tried to kick it in the past the withdrawal affected my schoolwork, so all in all both are bad and I wish I could quit but It’s so fuckin hard

  5. If vaping were banned and no one could vape then teenage smoking would rise rapidly. So by all accounts we should ban cigarettes then. But becausevaping takes money away from big tobacco big tobacco is spending money upon money to get napping banned in all America so it's financial gain will expodentialy rise in the coming years at the expense of America's health. Thank you Marlboro

  6. Im actually one of those who started vaping, then moved on to smoking cigarretes but now ive turned to chewing nicotine gum, and it was all my own decision, personally cigarettes feel more satisfying than vaping, although the smoker does smell awful to others around them

  7. It is proven that vaping it's better, not the best, then smoking cigarettes. It is better when kids don't but if it stops them from smoking a bunch of harmful chemicals then it's okay. As a kid i smoked behind my parents backs when I was 11-14 until they found out, now I'm 16 years old and have been vaping for a while, I can say i feel better within myself and vaping is helping me loads

  8. I say nobody under the legal age should be vaping. But if worst comes to worst, I’d say teen vaping is much better than teen smoking. Although i still don’t like the fact that teens are vaping.

  9. once you go to vaping its very hard to go back to cigarettes… im used to the flavors of vaping and i took of a hit of a cigarette a few months ago and god that shit taste aweful!

  10. So when I switched to vaping I dropped cigarettes 100%. I hated the smell even when I smoked, Also when I was in high school I hung around the outskirts of campus to smoke. And the only people that I saw vaping were people who (like me) used to be cigarette smokers. There were no new vapers turned on by vaping alone. I was friends with a lot of them, and they told me while they smoked, they had trouble walking up hills or doing any kind cardiovascular activity. After the switch they were slowly able to get back to the lifestyle they wanted. Eg. Longboarding around town, hiking, swimming, etc.

  11. I’m fucking retarded so I started vaping without smoking first, but I broke my vape and started smoking, just because that was available.

    Getting a new vape asap

  12. This is misleading! I smoked for 27 year, once I started to vape was pretty easy, two months after vaping, borrowed a cig from a friend and tasted gross and it was the brand I used to smoke and said the taste was the best, but now I don’t like how cigarettes taste and smell. In other words, I don’t think vaping leads to smoking! Wait a minute, but smoking can lead to vaping and once you vape, you don’t want to smoke anymore once you don’t deal with ash tray, smell lingering in your breath, hands, clothes and other places and saving money, etc

  13. All the Truth commercials claiming vaping leads to smoking I always get upset at. I used to actually like them somewhat when they were all about stopping cigarettes but now it’s just complete bs. Not one person I know has gone from vaping to smoking cigs , only the other way around

  14. Vaping does Lead to smoking, and if it doesn't it is still not healthy at all I highly don't recommend vaping to anyone rather your a teen or a 80 yr old. Vaping or e-cigarettes we're made to help people stop smoking witch it does my grandfather smoked for 13 years and used vaping to help him stop it was successful he doesn't vape or smoke anymore, although this is good I don't believe anyone should start vaping if they did not use cigarettes prior. Vaping is addictive and not healthy, it can lead to many life threatening "sickness's" that no one deserves to have, so I believe that vaping should only be used to help smokers stop smoking in any other case it just doesn't make any sense.

  15. I could never touch a cigarette . Used to smoke them occasionally in middle school and though the nicotine became something I relied on I hated them . Coughed constantly and made my asthma act up not to mention the taste. But switched the vaping as an adult and I haven’t touched one for several years . Will never go back. Vaping actually does not at all make my asthma act up and I can control the amount of nicotine I use especially because of my ptsd sometimes vaping just using a non nicotine juice is calming because it makes me deep breath bizarrely enough.

  16. not gonna lie, i started vaping under age but even so it wasn't for the flavors or anything it was cuz i was around older brothers who all did it, i tried a cigarette once and it literally made me sick as shit. The smell, taste, just nasty. I'm of age now, but personal experience it doesn't make me wanna smoke cigarettes and i didn't start because of flavors!

  17. Obviously it would be the best if nobody was smoking or vaping. However, since this goal is pretty much impossible to reach, I'd say teenagers vaping is much less bad than smoking. It's interesting to see how positive the UK is (as opposed to the USA and it's FDA) about vaping in general. It makes sense because of the free National Healthcare System and curing smoking related diseases are expensive for the state. Whereas in the USA such thing as a free NHS afaik doesn't exist.

  18. One time I ran out of juice and I was out camping and my cousin had cigarettes and I asked to hit it and when I had it in my hand and looked at it and gave it back and waited to get back home for more juice I never hit it vaping is so much better than cigarettes.

  19. I think This is very subjective, i started out with vaping but to an extremely amateur level, its to the point that i gave it away to a friend and just borrow it once in a while. But then i tried cigarettes and i loved it to bits, i love the “hit” and just give me relaxation, but i never got addicted to it. then i saw cigars, i found out about the great history, science and sport in it, and i smoked i bit of cigars and it tasted great. then overtime i got curious again and i said why not try vaping again. So i researched it and i found it extremely overwhelming, now i extremely love science and history, so for me to find it overwhelming means there is alot to do just to vape, “you have to do this to a coil”
    “you need to drip and drip” “you need to take care of this and that” and “you have to learn ohms law to do this”. Now i learned all the stuff you need to learn and i find it extremely fun. All in all i can see the potential of a teen or anyone to try smoking coming from vaping.

  20. WHY would anyone choose smoking over vaping? Smoking ISN'T cool. Smoking KILLS. Smoking SMELLS! Smoking LEADS you to getting sick in so many ways! Smoking DOESN'T allow you to get off nicotine entirely yet still enjoy the hand to mouth and the in/exhaling activity. Smoking is so gross to me now! I can smell a cigarette a mile away! Never again will I smoke! I feel a 100% better having switched to vaping!! I smoked for 37 years, never again. Working on my 2nd year now, SMOKE FREE! The effects of tobacco will haunt my health until I die now. DO NOT START SMOKING COMBUSTIBLE TOBACCO! It will kill you and ruin you body! Great videos as always! I'd rather a teen vape if they are going to get their hands on something because they will. Teens will do what they want. They find a way. Vaping is so much safer for them in the long run. Should they vape or smoke NO! It's better to not do either. 100% pure Oxygen is the only way to go with our lungs but even our environment is full of pollutants so anything breathing is going to be affected. Just vape over smoking tobacco! Your lungs will thank you.

  21. Who the he'll is giving the teen the vapes? Either the parents dont care or they get a feiend thats 18 to buy it for them. If they stupid enough to start vaping or smoking there is little that can be done. Kinda like how a criminal always seem to end up with a gun. If they want to do?it they are going to, dont know why they want to punish everyone for the stupidity of a few.

  22. Thanks for your video !

    I think it's just a way of attacking vaping IMO.

    I smoked cigarettes for 19 years and I was over it, taste price and just the whole hassle of it. Burnt mouth and tounge sore gums yuck! Started vaping and I could never go back to cigarettes ever, first year of vaping I had 2 cigarettes and first one almost put me on the floor (I power dragged as I was working) second one did the same but made me very sick for the rest of the day at work and the taste was so bad and just foul.. so that was the icing on the cake for me lol. One thing with vaping is tho I will never be able to quit the nicotine.. I just wanna eat and eat if I vape 0mg and it feel absolutely pointless vaping if it's 0mg… 3mg forever is me… 😁

    Forgot to mention that I'm now we'll into my 3rd year of vaping, started at the start of 2017.

  23. Thank you…thank you so much for bringing this info into the light and sharing it with us.
    It's important and gives us weapons to fight the injustice of corporations lying about it.

  24. It was a gateway to smoking for me because wherever i didn’t have my vape or it was dead or my coil was burnt I would just smoke cigarettes then it turned in to only smoking cigarettes

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