New Robinhood Gold Update and Features 2019 (BEST UPDATE EVER)

The New Robinhood GOLD Update for 2019 is the best one this YEAR. There are many new features and tools that will benefit new and old investors. -Research …


  1. Tried to turn off Margin Investing, but got message "Your limit must be higher than the Gold Buying Power amount you're currently using…". The downgrading into page is down. Do you know how to lower the Gold Buying Power amount currently in use?

  2. I was really surprised when they introduced Level 2 data FOR ONLY $5/MONTH. Have liked the previous Robinhood gold and now it's even better. Thanks for the video

  3. Margin account is synonym to living with credit cards. It's the riskiest way to invest. I will advise any beginner on Robinhood to stick to an instant account. Yes you have to wait for 4 days for your deposit but it's less risky and it's free. The way I get around waiting for 4 days is bysetting up automatic deposits for at least fifty bucks; that way I always have money in my account so I can purchase stocks whenever they drop.

  4. On the RobinHood Instant account if you For Example Deposit 5,000 dollars of your OWN money you buy and sell a stock on Monday, does the proceeds from that sale become FULLY available all 5k of it to use immediately to buy / sell another stock or do u need gold for instant access to your own money after a SALE of a stock? Anyone know?

  5. As soon as this update happened I got off Robinhood gold. I don’t like how they can change terms at anytime. I was on the $12,000 gold but after seeing more changes coming my way I sold most of the stocks that I was up on. No more gold!

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