My New SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS)

Introducing my new SawStop PCS. I show how I got it home and unboxed it, assembled it, set it up, and calibrated it. I give a tour of the saw, and I also show how …


  1. I just purchased a new to me 1968 Craftsman and it's got a bit of surface rust. Now my local Ace Hardware steered me right but it's great to have the process confirmed: wd40, min spirits, paste wax! Thx Dan.

  2. That's a very nice saw. Looks like you've got it tuned up very well. Yes, keep it well waxed. Keeps the rust away and makes sheet goods slide so easily. They folks at the Woodcraft in Fountain Valley are very helpful. I go there quite often.

  3. Could you estimate the size of the largest component pre-set-up? I’m seeking to get one for use in my basement and am concerned about getting it down the narrow width stairway. (Lots of room once down there, just the stairway that is an issue.)

    Thanks and keep up the thorough and helpful videos.

  4. I'm still here ha ha ha, very nice new toy Sorry i mean Table Saw.
    Myself personally and the space i have in my shed, your old job site saw would have done me.
    I would even had bought it off you, but i think the shipping cost would be to high ha ha ha. Looking forward to some new jigs for this Table Saw now.
    Barry (ENG)

  5. Congrats on the new saw! Something you might want to consider for keeping the top clean/waxed/etc. is a spray wax. My go-to is called "Can Do." I've been using it on my motorcycle helmet visor, on my truck, and yes– my Job Site Saw Stop. Spray on, wipe off. There are other brands, but most are the same concept. Honda motorcycle shops usually sell a Honda branded version that works really well too. Looking forward to your first project on the new saw!

  6. Congrats and thanks for posting. I'm just getting back into woodworking. I was convinced I was going to buy the hybrid Ridged table saw to save money. But with the number of injuries that happen on table saws, thinking about how the extra money could save a finger one day, and the added benefit of a precision tool that will last a lifetime; I've decided to go with this saw too. Please post a follow up video with your thoughts on the tool after using it.

  7. Congratulations ! As a European I can see many advantages to American saws and actually imported a DeWalt many years ago. Its a pity the Sawstop can't use Andy Klein's miter blade as its a great tool. Keep up the good work.

  8. Awesome dude! You’ll love it! Last August I bought the Sawstop PCS 3HP 52” with the integrated base and I love it! It’s an awesome saw. If you get a dado stack, be sure you check Sawstops website for the dado stacks that are tested and recommended! Happy sawing 👍

  9. Dan I wanted you to know I cut my thumb on my band saw. I am blaming you lol.  It was not painful or much but your video made it Luckily I am medical and it was no big deal. The new saw is the bomb.. I just made a homemade out feed assembly table.  My old saw came with a rockler side table and a router table.  It has a very expensive fence.  My wife found it on Craigslist for $200.. a guy was downsizing and he liked my wife and let her have it for nothing.  Every time I watch u I stop myself and say pay more attention to detail. Thx

  10. thanks for one of the most honest reasons for owning this saw…. personally I don't think I will ever own a sawstop because of there never making the $400 portable version that was promised years ago…. not doing so proves that they only care about the fingers of the people willing or able to spend a minimum of $1500 for there "cheap" version… and now that sawstop is owned by the same greed mongers as festard there is no hope of seeing a reasonable version of the saw…

  11. Congratulations on the new saw, Dan. I'm looking forward to seeing you build lots of new stuff on it. Also interested to hear what you think the main advantages (other than the fence) there are over your old saw once you've used this one for a while.

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