1. Dont smoke it then, Eat it. Edibles are way diffrent. Though I'd like to see you grow a few in your garden, just out of educational curiosity of how you would grow them. I'm sure you would know someone who could benefit from it.

  2. The experience with alcohol prohibition was such an intense object lesson on the idiocy of the very idea of drug prohibition that one really wonders who ever thought it was a good idea to simply shift it from alcohol to other drugs. In actual fact one of the main drivers was the enforcement bureaucracy that lost its power and influence when alcohol prohibition was repealed. They figured that if they wanted to survive, something else had to be demonized and made illegal. Enter the racist gobshite Anslinger and „reefer madness“ was born.

  3. The cannabis plant was made illegal because of .. Nylon. in the US it was the Dupont family that pushed for it. IDK about other countries but .. something tells me US foreign policy and intelligence instruments acquired a side line.
    The plant can be used from rope to motor oil. from clothes to candy. Without harming anyone.
    Industrial use is the true goal, not growing some for recreational purposes.When was the last time you had affordable clothes made from natural fibre? Or candy that did not contain corn syrup, that cancerous shit of a devils brew?

  4. I'm so happy to live in a state where it's legal. Bad marijuana trip? I've never experienced that in 2 decades of using marijuana. What even is a bad marijuana trip???

  5. Just what America needs, more potheads.
    A nation of potheads and addicts is easy to infiltrate and overtake. No wonder muslims think we're a nation of fools that they can easily dominate.

  6. Even if trump got decriminalization federally, it would be YUUGE, the money saved from not locking people up over it, cops can focus on the opiod crisis. It would be good, but it would be great if recreational was legalized federally. Trump I thinks knows the amount of money that could bring in. He proabably gets a big boner thinking about that moolah.

  7. I had a friend from Tennessee, and he said he could get 1 lb per plant. Of course, that's growing outdoors. That's still only worth about $4000. But 16,000 extra per year is not insignificant.

  8. No. In most states it has been through citizen ballot initiatives. The legislators tend to be somewhat more in favor of government power than the voters. In Oregon around 1990 the legislature tried to criminalizes simple possession, less than 1 oz. for personal use; raised it from an infraction to a misdemeanor. They wanted suspicion of marijuana possession to be enough to get search warrants. But their law was overturned by a ballot initiative. Then in 2014 it was outright legalized.

    Also, several states allow growing for personal use. In Oregon, I think you can grow about 5 plants for personal use.

    BTW. I personally think smoking pot is a huge waste of time. And it leaves you mentally less capable, for days after using it.

  9. yeah no you're wrong. it is completely legal to grow plants in california and has been for years. there are no weed-related felonies anymore, just misdemeanors, besides literally selling to children. that being said, legalization is not what you want. you want decriminalization. "legalization" implies regulation and therefore corruption.

  10. Yeah the reason why saliva is illegal is because a synthetic version was causing people harm like the bath salts, so naturally politicians were at fever pitch seeing an opportunity to expand the fake drug war. So they banned the actual plant which is fucking stupid and makes no sense especially when it was the synthetic version and not the actual plant.

  11. Styxhexxenhammer, your projected ratios of plant numbers, yields,and dollars represented, are way off. A very large percentage of people who attempt to grow cannabis don’t last a year. Getting from learning how to grow, to supplying yourself and then funding the operations continuance is beyond most peoples ability. This is the reason why it costs what it does. Also, when the drug warriors make a bust, they inflate the numbers to make them look better, just like they would inflate the daily enemy body count numbers on the evening news during the Vietnam war. Very laughable to hear that some two hundred plant raid has a street value of 25 million dollars when they know that less that 1 percent of population knows that’s false, this would be the percentage of people who actually are capable of keeping the whole cycle going forward year after year. Growing a green front lawn is ten time easier. And when cannabis is finally legal , and the money interests can finally run full steam ahead, the people who have been growing for decades will be sought out, for their knowledge and experience. I appreciate your insights allways.

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