Lisa Lampanelli on Losing Vagina Weight, Working with Donald Trump & New Play “Stuffed"

Lisa Lampanelli brings her crazy style of comedy to Sway in the Morning to speak on her new play “Stuffed” about female body image, being on “Celebrity …


  1. She is undercover racist. White people jokes are never degrading as black and Hispanic jokes. She hides behind the I love you, and I am glad you can take a joke comments. (0 perecnt is just degrading african americans.

  2. Tracy G wasn't here for any of this woman's commentary.

    Heather B called in cause there woulda been approx. 235 nigga moments .

    DBs expressions towards Lisa's advances were funnier than any joke he's ever told.

    And Sway was acting like the co-worker who really didn't wanna clock in but you know he about his check so he in here to collect.

    16 minutes of struggle..

  3. I didn't recognize her at first and still don't lol. if it wasn't for her name and how she talks I wouldn't know. This is how Sara Jay will be looking in the next 7 to 10 years lmao

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