1. I just got into construction about 7 months ago doing cabinetry but now I’m doing installation and finish work, did some fiberglass insulation last week. Think of a few good questions maybe I can throw them by some of my co workers.

  2. Dude I’m in the same situation crutch! Just put my down payment on my first piece of land in my own name, and while the land and cabin are being fixed up I’m staying in a military tent. Thankfully the weather is nice here in Arkansas at the moment. Good luck to you guys and I hope everything goes smoothly with the rest of yalls building process, I know you guys are very excited!

  3. You guys should try to get spray in insulation it’s the best. And if I wasn’t so far away I would love to come out and help with ur new home I’m pretty good at the interior work on houses I know how to lay flooring drywall painting you name it I know how to do it pretty much lol

  4. Hey Crutch just letting you know your videos haven't been showing up in my subscribed feed, recently uploaded, or recommended videos, and I'm still subscribed. I had to come directly to your channel to see anything from the last few weeks. YouTube sucks right now. Hopefully the algorithm gets fixed.

  5. Fucking beta males. Time to throw away the skinny jeans, put some bass in your voice, hit the fucking gym and quit being such Nancy boys.The rest of the world laughs at you and you don’t turn your women on.

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