Kid Suda – Losing My Mind [OFFICIAL 2018]

Kid Suda returns with his second song from his 2018 self titled debut E.P. “Losing My Mind” explores the snakes in the grass while showing another side of Kid …


  1. Shit this white boy. Is all right say keep it going homie. U got a little something don't let no one tell u different bro and that ☠️dope 💉Ho got a phat ass cuz much respect . ~HOUSTONE~🤘 ~TEXAS~BAM🐗!
    Z. I. !

  2. Don't worry about main stream fame, your already there a self-made music success! CONGRATS! Keep being one of us ~ doin it cuz they said you couldn't. Ever need an unjudgin ear… We are here for you.
    Grateful fan😍

  3. Kcmo… you popped up on my shit last night, original shake the bottle, started looking into all your shit… as an ex-junky white boy that just got out the joint i love everything you do, keep it up wood your actually inspiration for others

  4. bruh my life before I got save its just part of your testimony bruh ive became the bitch you don't fuck with on the street to the woman of Christ who has a heart of gold I still got that sin nature selling that dope and herion and shakin  and other stuff was so much easier but I alwayd  had to watch my back waiting on the feds/marshals to come done some terrible things to my own family because honestly the needle owned me I was made the needle bitch ive hurt my own family over it man that path nothing but destruction bruh id like to meet ya sometime or write ya bruh im just saying you can do this bruh let ya past motivate you your past don't define ya man love ya

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