1. Any recommendations for where to buy online? The cthree site doesn't list any TSM doctors in VT and it's also not on the list for the telemedicine option. This guy said he ordered it from India. I'm not finding any good options. I don't have insurance so going to the doctor is expensive, I just want the pills.

  2. My drinking history is very similar to him. Usually 3 beers per day, I love the taste and science of brewing. But when I was living with an alcoholic friend this winter I easily went up to a six pack of strong beer almost every night, which is really about 8 drinks. Left that situation a few weeks ago, stopped drinking right away. No shakes or weird withdraw symptoms any of the times I took a month off. But every time I go back to it I settle back into my n+2 or n+4 rhythm. I haven't destroyed my life with alcohol, but it's time to get my control back. I'll have to see about convincing a doctor around here to prescribe it, or order it online somehow. I'm not drinking right now, but I want to, but I don't want to keep fanning the fire. Having a little canister of pills attached to my keys sounds like freedom and peace, can't wait to get into it. Wish it was easier to get the pills

  3. Figuring out what to do with free time once drinking is gone! Weird how scary this is.
    My identity was in sport and raising young kids.
    My body is stuffed a bit now from all the sport and the work I did so going back to that is not the most appealing option.
    Im thinking yoga, learn to dance, do a course on something like language or cooking or photography?
    Its kinda weird to think about not being hungover all the time and having the energy to enjoy things again…
    I think its the reason I have been drinking for the last 5 years. Fear of what my identity is now…alcahol becomes a friend and hobby. Strange.
    I was always fit and healthy and now im scared not to have it because I have to face this identity crisis head first!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this, it's awesome and I hope you don't mind if I put this video on my site. I'm sharing this with my husband because I'm guessing he can relate to it (he's 5 years sober). I speak with a lot of people who have been able to heal from cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse, but I've also seen a lot of people die, and if they could have just stopped drinking sooner, they might have made it. Please click on the links listed in the description of this video, she's posted a ton of links that I think some people aren't seeing. If anyone on this site has gotten to the point where they need help with their liver because of alcohol abuse, I posted a lot of research on this site, and also made a page about the sinclair method (you may still be able to watch the movie for free if you have amazon prime). https://healing-liver-cirrhosis.blogspot.com/2018/04/the-sinclair-method-has-78-success-rate.html

  5. Thanks for this guys. This is all new to me & I just picked up my first prescription. Think I'll start with a 25mg dose to see how I adjust.
    As an aside, I'm guessing Kent still gets carded when he goes out. He could easily pass for 18.

  6. It's kinda funny you fell into the "irrationality of alcoholics anonymous" trap. AA never asked to be the go to for treatment. Fact is before AA doctors had no clue what to do with you. It was literally Jails Institutions and Death. The AA tradition of sponsorship was born because hospitals would not take you in for detox unless you had someone from AA to vouche for you that agreed to pick you up at discharge. Besides that they wouldn't waste their time on a lost cause. And AA never required abstinence. It says right in the big book you should go out and try controlled drinking if you were not sure AA was a good fit for you. AA has been the default for treatment because since AA was founded the wheel has not been reinvented. Big Pharma and Big Treatment claims that medication will keep people in treatment longer to give treatment a chance to work is a joke. A multi billion dollar joke. Government funded to be exact. In 2004 SAMHSA was up for funding renewal. That's when the psychiatrists, big pharma, and big treatment came up with the evidence based bullshit guidelines to secure government grants dished out by SAMHSA. And they added a mental illness stipulation to boot to secure grants. Besides kicking the 12 Steps to the Curb The Sinclair Method is getting the same treatment. Indivior has a narcotic AUD drug in the pipeline and it is making damn sure non narcotic generic oral naltrexone via TSM isn't going to rain on their patent payday.
    Why do you THINK SAMHSA refused to even review the C3 Foundation's application to be granted evidence based treatment status? Everyone needs to wake the fuck up. Like Claudia Christian said in her speech to the Senate "AA IS NOT THE PROBLEM"

  7. These times that y’all do drink are you still using LDN and if so why drink if you are getting nothing from it or is there some slight effect? And is there someone who uses LDN to control drinking and lower it but then still not use it occasionally to get the true effects for one really fun night?

  8. I took 50mg naltrexone yesterday for the first time on day 5 of being sober , had a horrible time sleeping and ended up missing work due to the worst anxiety i have ever had. . One pill and done for me . Anyone else had this happen? No alcohol with the dose by the way

  9. Seattle native, now DC/Virginia – Thank you for your work Katie! I was a hard drinker, like half a liter of whiskey a night. I overdosed on 2 liters of vodka and while on benzos in hospital I watched about 5 videos, saw the movie, read the book and decided to start, all based on your videos. A big binge almost killed me but then I stumbled on to your channel. So, I just started TSM 2 days ago. I was in a treatment program but I kept relapsing, yet couldn't tell them because they have a 2 strikes and you're out rule. They do strangely prescribe Naltrexone and I got a month of 50mg pills. I'm out of the program and they don't prescribe any more if you're out. There are other doctors that do but like someone below said, they don't take insurance and mine charges $400 consultation fee, then $175 a monthly visit to reorder Naltrexone. That seems crazy to me. And I've already had the liver testing done but these guys want another one, maybe for liability reasons… Can anyone recommend actual Indian prescription websites they have used that have genuine pills and genuine pharmacies? Or are you calling pharmacies directly by phone? It's working and I'd like to stay on it but I feel the C3 doctors are in it for the money. The other near me charges half that but still… Any direct links appreciated. This is working for me and I want to keep going. Thanks, and be good to yourselves.

  10. So wise these young people realizing they don't have to run over someone, lose your kids, go to prison, lose your family, have hepatitis before taking action. The internet can really have some good uses!

  11. I can relate to so much of this! I am currently struggling with the depression from not numbing myself anymore. I don’t know if I had previously heard anyone talk about the irritability on the front end, but I can really relate to that. Such a great conversation. Thank you for all of your videos Katie!!

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