1. Scott, I’ve fished with your dad a few times when I still lived near Clewiston and followed him on TV for years. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! . What a great job this piece is for someone who usually ignores the true value of my sonar equipment. Great explanations and repeating it really made it come clear. Keep up the great work and best of luck in your tournament schedule. Larry H

  2. Вот почему они всегда тестируют на 2-5 метрах глубины ? Да потому что на 20-25 уже даже близко не такая картинка, реклама ))) К лову я перепробовал 4 разных эхолота с функцией бокового обзора

  3. Expensive fish finder. Never used anything but a budget model on my buddies boat, we never did learn to use it well. Then I watch shows like Alone and those guys are using hand lines and sticks…..

  4. question on side scan image.i see nothing but dark on either side of mysids image.does this mean i don't have the range out wide enough?how much is too much range?
    thanks john

  5. I’m so confused on imaging. If it’s side image how do you know where it’s at to the side of you? I can’t tell how far to cast if the log is showing on my right hand side

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