How To Measure A Lawn + 2019 Lawn Care Plan

I realized I don’t think I’ve ever made a video on how to measure a lawn or show you what kind of square footage I’m dealing with in my lawn. So today we go …


  1. Unfortunately up here in northern Montana. Fall come in hard and soon and spring comes in slow and late. My yard seems to be awake May to middle July, heat stresses mid July to end of August, end of August to 3rd week of September it livens up a bit then starts to go dormant…. all this makes it hard to get a handle on things. Hopefully I can keep watching your back yard progress and apply some things to my yard.

  2. I'm sure that nExt products are in the fold at some point, but what are you thinking of trying?? I've been skeptical on these products, but at some point, they really seem to make sense, in taking the lawn(s) to the next level…

  3. I love the fact that you are so honest, in that you don't know for sure, but you're going to simply go for it. That's awesome. Do it! You've got the turf and knowledge to do it, so go for it! I'm supporting you if that matters..

  4. I bought a bottle of Simple Solutions Humic Root Hume off Amazon and the company sent me an email asking for a review of the product. I gave it a great review and they mailed me a free bottle of their liquid fert. How cool is that ?!!

  5. Hi Ryan, excited for the up coming season also, I would love an in depth video on your irrigation system when the time gets closer. Thanks for the video, as always it was very informative!

  6. Ryan love the videos, keep up the great work. My question to you, I am in the Clarksville/Hopkinsville Area of TN/KY I just aerated and dethatched in the fall and laid down milogranite with overseeding as well. My grass came in well before the winter. Now that it is spring my grass is in the early stages, it is growing fine, but my concern is that the color is off, its not that deep green, it is like a lite green tall fescue, due I need to add more milogranite or should I wait for it to mature.

  7. Irrigation! YES! I did it 4 years ago and it was one of the best investments I made. All that effort would go to waste by end of July every year until I got irrigation. Now you won’t be getting so many comments about it lol

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