1. i would love to have a conversation with a stoner and talk normally, but try to change the subject back to what it was at the beginning of the conversation without them noticing.

  2. My last dealer was a 64 year old polish bloke that moved over to Australia when he was 6. Lost the accent, never grew past 5 foot and smoked for 50 years.

    Best dealer I ever had.. He had a cat called Bob that adored me and several other animals in his government appointed flat that stank of cat piss. I'd leave after being smothered by his menagerie no less than 2 hours every fucking time I visited. He was so desperate for company that wasn't scum he intentionally made me wait to get my shit because he wanted Human interaction that wasn't a death threat or begging for free weed.

    Kinda miss him.. It was nice to be wanted.

  3. Whose house have these stoners broken into that there's a bottle of Hendricks Gin on the drinks stand? Or did I just grow up with too low a class of stoners to be able to understand this?

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