Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Here is my introduction to what hopefully will be the beginning to a very successful treatment for seizures. Please subscribe.


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    about CBD-A. You won't hear much about the 'A' from other companies
    because they destroy it in their outdated methods of processing. Fact
    is, it is even more beneficial than CBD alone! Much to learn and many people to educate. Best of Luck to You & hope you will Discover Quality soon!

  2. Why use CBD if your using pharmaceuticals ? That's like being a vegan, but eating a steak every night , makes no sense ! One of the these days people will wake up and realize pharmaceuticals are nothing but man made poisons, do it's just unbelievable how undereducated people are, but if you've been brainwashed long enough I guess there's no reaching you ! I feel sorry for all the gullible fools out there, CBD does not give you a feeling of euphoria unfortunately, we need THC and CBD together, they weren't meant to be outlawed or separated, if so we should outlaw vegetables too ! Nothing wrong with getting high at all, and it can make driving safer too, contrary to all the anti pot propaganda, it's all lies, we've been duped people, it's time to wake up and get our freedoms back, freedom to be healthy again !

  3. Bless u. Lamictal works good for spasms too. Try everyday advanced. Mire for money. 100ml bottle last 3 months. 1/2 dropper gives you 45mg cbd. Eliminates my back spasms which are violent and my back issues relieved.

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