Cannabis News – The Final Days of Attorney General Jeff Sessions? | Ep. 219 | 9-6-2018

Joe Klare discusses how unpopular Jeff Sessions is, NJ State Senator Rice’s opposition to recreational legalization and a new legalization poll out of North …


  1. How can they take your opiates away because of the few that are abusing it and not give you access to medical marijuana who's never killed anybody and on top of that we're stuck in a loop hole we can't get our meds and we can't get marijuana so now we just got to suffer huh

  2. I can't wait for Jeff sessions to be gone good riddance to bad rubbish he's part of the marijuana Madness era of propaganda I can't wait to see that Keebler Elf looking bastard gone he's standing in the way of Justice not just for cannabis but a lot of other things he's standing in the way of persecuting the guilty and corrupt and our government he's an old-school swamp rat helping his swamp rat Buddies from going to prison I guarantee you once Jeff sessions is gone you'll see Hillary Clinton in prison peace out man have a good day

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