1. Should be legal in all 50 states ….let’s fix our infrastructure and I don’t know about you but I’m tired of hitting pot holes in Pennsylvania….I haven’t smoked for a long time but the only thing I remember is it relaxes you and makes you laugh ….also seen it help people where other medicine doesn’t help

  2. I think all drugs that come in plant-form should be legal. It is better that way, preventing users-to-be from falling in the underground circles of dealers that will surely try pushing harder drugs to get the hooked for life. This way even Cocaine would be legal as it comes from a tree leaf, but to get the same effects they'd need to chew a ton of leafs per day, and by just chewing on few they get a bit of calming al relaxation rather than the hyper from processed cocaine.

  3. It wasn't outlawed because of the reasons you listed . The lumber industry pushed it because it was a direct competitor that was a more eco friendly option and cheaper. Even back then people knew it was beneficial and studies today prove that's the case. People are allowed to drink alcohol which has a serious effect on your health short and long term but weed is illegal … cause the pot head down the street likes to buy twinkies a lot. Proven to have real benefits and the only negetives are ones own opinions and it's up to the individual to decide what those are.

  4. 0:44 "overwhelms the bodies natural level of THC" This claim is incorrect. While the human body does produce it's own endocannabinoids, and some with similar function to thc, your body does not actually make the molecule of THC.

  5. I'm 55. In all the years that I have smoked or ingested marijuana. I have never hallucinated! I have taken LSD & MAGIC MUSHROOMS, so I know what a hallucination looks & feels like! I don't know anyone that has ever hallucinated on pot!

  6. Continue using your gentically modified and sprayed cannabis folks. Smoking unnatural pesticides and chemicals is good for your health and doesnt cause any negative reactions to your body right?

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